Spencer Pratt says, “I think I’m Kim Kardashian.”

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No, it’s not Kim Kardashian — it’s Spencer Pratt.

Pratt and Heidi Montag have become real-life superstars from the success of “The Hills”. Looking at the landscape of existing reality television, Pratt understands what he and Montag had in the Kardashian Empire.

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“I should be Kim Kardashian,” Pratt said. Esquire on Wednesday. “See all the early episodes of” [‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’].. They copied everything Heidi and I were “The Hills”. The only difference between us and the Kardashian family turmoil is that you are as famous as the media conglomerates are funding you. “

“I didn’t realize it was a rap of our vision and success when Viacom wasn’t in the Heidi and Spencer business. Comcast unplugged the Kardashian family until last year. I didn’t. “

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MTV aired “The Hills” for six seasons. Meanwhile, “KUWTK” spliced ​​together large runs of 20 seasons. “The Hills: New Beginnings” started in 2019, nine years after the original show’s premiere, but was canceled two seasons later. “Keeping Up with the Kardashian Family” made its debut on Hulu just a year after “KUWTK” was wrapped.

“I’m still shocked. We just lost the TV show,” Pratt said. “It was an emotional roller coaster. I was arguing with some of the cast members who said,” I don’t need a network. ” All you need is a boom mic and a few cameras and you can do it yourself. And I said, “Bro, I’ve been filming myself for five years. Nothing beats appearing on a TV show.”

Spencer Pratt says, “I think I’m Kim Kardashian.”

Source link Spencer Pratt says, “I think I’m Kim Kardashian.”

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