Snack fines patients who miss appointments

LONDON, UK – Conservative Party leader candidate Rishi Sunak (pictured) has rocked the picture in the UK by pledging to fine patients £10 for failing to show up for NHS appointments. In an interview with The Telegraph, Sunak said it was “not right” for patients not to come in for consultations, scans and tests, “taking that slot away from people who need it.” [them]”

The former prime minister, who has promised to revive the “enthusiasm for reform” of the “early days of the coalition,” said patients did not attend appointments without sufficient notice to allow the operation and hospitals to offer the operation. He said he would start by imposing fines if he did. Slots to others.

If a patient misses an appointment for the first time, they will be given a ‘profit of doubt’, but if they miss subsequent appointments, there will be a charge of £10 each time. The system will be ‘temporary’ as the NHS seeks to clear the Covid-19 backlog of more than 6 million patients awaiting planned treatment.

As prime minister, Sunak said he was “frustrated that the government’s focus was far more on spending on public services…and there wasn’t enough focus on reforming them.” “I want to be a transformative prime minister,” he added. ”

Separately, Sunak admitted to advocating for an increase in national insurance after the prime minister said he wanted to significantly increase NHS spending and channel new funds into social security. His opponent Liz Truss promised to reverse the rise.

A Savanta ComRes poll of 511 Conservative MPs on Saturday showed Sunak and Truss nearly evenly matched among local Conservative MPs, with Truss at 31% and Sunak at 29%. was. About 32% are still undecided.

In total, 88% of those surveyed say the next Prime Minister must reform the NHS.

Snack outlined plans to introduce fines for missed NHS bookings, stating: So if you can change that, you’ll basically get more out of the money you’re putting in today. ”

According to NHS England, more than 15 million general practitioner appointments are wasted each year. This year he has had about 4.5 million missed bookings from January to April alone.

Doctors have so far opposed proposals to fine people who miss appointments. Such a plan introduces new bureaucracy into a difficult operation and could deter patients who need treatment.

However, Sunak said: i found a way to do it. Yes, it means we have to be brave and do something different, but that’s what I’m trying to do.

Lord Forsyth, who was a minister under Margaret Thatcher and Sir John Major, wrote in The Telegraph, “Conservatives believe in sound money, encourage small and medium enterprises, and lower. A simpler tax, I’m not sure Rishi fully understands it.

But Sunak argued that “my plan challenges the orthodoxy of the last decade and has been shown to be spectacularly wrong.”

NHS Confederation Policy Director Dr Layla McKay responded to reports that Rishi Sunak was proposing to impose a £10 fine on patients who miss a GP or hospital appointment: I’m here. , health service leaders are working hard to make better use of the expanded resources. This includes helping patients attend appointments. This support has already been extended in a number of ways, including home visits, longer hours and weekend opening hours, remote consultations and the management of bookings via the NHS app.

“However, it is important to recognize that the reasons why patients do not or cannot attend appointments are complex. Punishing them unfairly will not solve the problem and we will work with the community to address the root causes. It is imperative that the administrative burden of this on the NHS is substantial and could well exceed the amount of fines brought.

“The proposal also does not solve the fundamental and long-term problems that the NHS is currently grappling with.

“This includes the level of vacant health service staff, which now stands at 105,000, the impact of surging inflation costs on the NHS, and the ongoing pressures being felt across the system, including social care. .”

Snack fines patients who miss appointments

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