Small mistakes prove costly if Oilers take ‘scheduled loss’ to Wilde

Sometimes you get a schedule. Sometimes the schedule gets you.

With four of their top nine forwards out due to injury, the Edmonton Oilers played just one game at home, their sixth in 11 days. Really, it was like a six-game roadie that ended back-to-back, including the 8:53 p.m. puck drop the previous night in Chicago.


You see, every team gets a schedule like this at some point. But now it was Edmonton’s turn. It’s going to be the worst of the season.

“The schedule hasn’t been kind to us lately,” said Connor McDavid. Traveling is hard, especially when playing in Edmonton.

“But I give[Minnesota]credit,” he said after the 5-3 loss to Wilde. “We made some mistakes. They made us pay.”

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Head coach Jay Woodcroft played his best player for as long as he needed to score a point in Chicago Wednesday night.

Well, it was Thursday in St. Paul, Minnesota and Edmonton needed a new hero. The Oilers limped home in the Central Time Zone split and wait for Montreal his Canadiens at Rodgers’ Place on Saturday afternoon.

When presented with the evidence, head coach Jay Woodcroft began saying:

In fact, that night was more of an excuse than an excuse after arriving at the hotel at 3am for the final round of the trip.

It was the first of three meetings between these two clubs within Edmonton’s seven-game stretch, with a troubled Minnesota record seven straight wins against Edmonton.

“The guys gave everything they had tonight,” admitted Woodcroft.

“We are battling a little bit of adversity. Missed, please raise the lineup.

“We are scratching and scratching,” he added. “I think our team spirit is there, but our honing in that we can get the results we want night after night, wasn’t there.”

In the end, Edmonton crawled up this tough stretch at . 500, scoring four against Montreal, Washington, Arizona and Minnesota.

“If you look at it like a six-game[road trip]it’s 3-3,” said Woodcroft. “I am happy to go home, rest and prepare for the game against Montreal.”

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a little help

But the man who never gets tired is goalkeeper Jack Campbell. It was the third game in three weeks (21 days) and Campbell had his team’s goaltending below average.

Sure, he stopped some decent chances along the way. But since he signed a five-year, $25 million deal this summer, has Campbell stole a game with a first-star performance with his head down?

Here are his numbers: He averages 4.12 goals and a .872 save percentage.

The Oilers have had issues with this deal and thank their lucky stars for Stuart Skinner being a much better goalkeeper this season. Skinner is likely to see him start 3 of 4 at the next homestand, but Campbell said he was paid to be 1st and not his 2nd place decent at the moment.

Remember, Campbell did his massive reset. The team gave him 12 days off between starts to regroup his game. His save percentages in his three starts since returning have been tough: . 903, . 870, and . 833 against Wilde.

Overall in the league, Campbell is ranked 52ndndSave percentage of 54 goalkeepers who played at least 8 games.His target for the average is also 52ndIn 54 fields.

His cap hit of $5 million is 14 However, in the NHL.

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Small mistakes prove costly if Oilers take ‘scheduled loss’ to Wilde

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