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TORONTO, Aug. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Skylight Health Group Inc. (NASDAQ:SLHG;TSXV:SLHG) (“Skylight Health” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce a technology and patient transition focused A healthcare platform that combines analytics. Today we provide an update on the status of our research programs in value-based care to promote better health outcomes and experiences in the United States. Skylight Health Research.

  • In 2021, Skylight Health Group officially launched its research division.
  • Since its inception, Skylight Health Research has received 11 clinical study awards and has completed 4 clinical studies to date.
  • In 2021, total clinical trial revenue was $300,000, doubling in 2022.
  • Skylight today announced two new partnerships with Elligo Health Research® and ending.

Skylight Health Research continues its momentum and growth through 2022. Since the April 2022 update, two studies have been completed and one new study has been awarded. Four studies are currently underway at his three clinics, and the latest study awarded he will be conducted at his three clinics starting in September 2022.

Our partnership with Skylight and ClinEdge has seen continued success. This significant partnership was further expanded in his September 2021 when ClinEdge was acquired by his Elligo. Elligo brings a unique set of processes, efficiencies, and broader research research opportunities to his Skylight, using a healthcare-ready research model for participation in a variety of clinical studies. Skylight Health Research will officially join Elligo’s clinical research network in 2022 and has worked diligently to fully participate in all five clinics participating in Elligo’s Research Ready™ program .

Skylight Health Research recently partnered with Endominance to conduct Microbiome, Anxiety and Cognitive Orientation (MACO) research to support patient recruitment. The purpose of MACO research is to better understand how gut bacteria affect the brain and how they relate to anxiety behaviors and cognitive traits in humans. Alisha Garibaldi, Skylight’s vice president of clinical research, said: “The relationship between the microbiome and mental health has recently become a more popular topic. MACO research explores this complex relationship on a very large scale. In collaboration with Endominance, Skylight I am thrilled that it aligns so closely with our values ​​and is driving a contribution to the advancement of medicine.”

Research revenue in 2022 more than doubled from $300,000 in 2021. The team continues to plan further expansion into new markets within the company and looks forward to a strong end to 2022.

About Skylight Health Group

Skylight Health Group (NASDAQ:SLHG;TSXV:SLHG) is a healthcare services and technology company committed to positively impacting patient health outcomes. The Company operates a multistate primary care health network in the United States consisting of physical practices that offer a wide range of services from primary care, subspecialty, allied health and lab/diagnostic testing. Our focus is on helping small, independent practices transition from traditional fee-for-service (FFS) models to value-based care (VBC) through our proprietary technology, data analytics, infrastructure and other tools. is placed. In the FFS model, payers (corporate and government insurers) reimburse through an encounter-based approach. This will focus on the number of patients per day. In the VBC model, providers provide care aimed at keeping patients healthy and minimizing unnecessary medical costs that are not proven to keep patients healthy. This emphasizes quality over quantity. VBCs can help improve patient outcomes, reduce shipping costs, and drive stronger financial performance from existing practices.

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Skylight Health Provides Clinical Research Update, The Canadian Business Journal

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