“Sister Wives” Star Leon Brown appears as transgender

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“”Sister Wives ” Star Leon Brown announced on Tuesday that they were transgender and now use the name Leon exclusively in their / their pronouns. Brown is the only child of Meri and Kody Brown, but is one of 18 siblings from Kody’s multiple marriages with Robin Brown, Janelle Brown, and his ex-wife Christine Brown. The family regularly appears on hit TLC shows starting in 2010.

“Recently someone told me that I don’t have to understand all my shit to share myself with the world,” Leon wrote on Instagram. “So here’s no doubt you don’t understand most of my shit to let you know that I’m transgender. My name is Leon or Leo (I love both) The pronouns are them / they. “

Mary reposted the child’s announcement in the Instagram story and captioned the post “You are my sun.”

Leon’s post is a brief photo shoot of shorts and a T-shirt standing outside a large door frame. The captions provide more insight into their outing journey: “I remember knowing for the first time that I wasn’t a girl,” they write. “I was pretty young and unfortunately grew up in an incredibly gender-restricted situation, so I continued to socialize as a girl and later as a woman. And this is my favorite self. Ready to share with the world, and her self is incredibly gendered, transgender, and does not apologize. “

Leon previously appeared as gay in Season 11 of the 2017 Sister Wives. On Tuesday, they continued posting with a moment of remorse. Still, there is a lot to learn to love about yourself through this process. This is for me to know myself, share myself, constantly evolve to be myself, and be my favorite in every situation. ”

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“Sister Wives” Star Leon Brown appears as transgender

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