SigmaXL Inc. Announces Release of Version 9.1, Canadian Business Journal

Kitchener, Ontario, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SigmaXL Inc., a leading provider of user-friendly Excel add-ins for statistical and graphic analysis, has announced the release of SigmaXL version 9.1.

“Sigma XL was designed from the ground up as a cost-effective, powerful yet easy-to-use tool that allows users to measure, analyze, improve, and control service, transaction, and manufacturing processes. As an add-in to Microsoft Excel, SigmaXL is ideal for use in lean six sigma training and university statistics courses. Version 9.1 adds advanced multiple regression capabilities, “said John Noguera, CTO of SigmaXL. increase.

The new features in version 9.1 are:

Advanced multiple regression> Fitting of multiple regression models

  • Standardization and coding of continuous predictors
  • Option to display regression equations with non-standardized coefficients
  • Category predictor (1, 0) or (-1, 0, +1) coding
  • Box-Cox conversion
  • Specify the confidence level
  • Residual plot: usually standardized, studentized – deleted t
  • Diagnostic means: Cook’s distance (impact), leverage, DFFITS
  • Saving the model design matrix
  • Main effects and interaction plots (fitting average)
  • Contours and surface plots
  • Optimization by constraint of options including integer sequence
  • Automatic deletion of extreme VIF or co-lined terms (with aliases and deletion reports)
  • Specifies secondary and higher-order interactions (all interactions or up to 3 directions)
  • ANOVA Type I and / or Type III sum of squares, contribution and standardized effect Pareto
  • Pseudo-standard error in length of saturated model with Monte Carlo or Student TP value
  • Specifying test / pending samples for R-square test and StDev test validation
  • R-Square Predicted (Leave-One-Out Cross Validation)
  • R-Square K-Fold & StDev K-Fold (K-Fold Cross Validation)
  • Test of constant variance: Breusch-Pagan Normal or Koenker (robust)
  • Robust standard error of non-constant white
  • Durbin-Watson test for autocorrelation of residuals with P-values
  • Newey-West robust standard error for non-constant variance with autocorrelation
  • White or Newey-West automatically selected based on Durbin-Watson P value
  • Stepwise / best subset regression:
    • Forward / backward using alpha-to-enter, alpha-to-remove
    • Forward selection to enter in alpha
    • Backward removal with alpha-to-remove
    • Forward / backward reference: Minimize AICc, BIC. Maximize R-Square Adjusted, R-Square Predicted, R-Square K-Fold
    • The best subset utilizes a powerful MIDACO solver (mixed integer distributed ant colony optimization) to solve the best subset with up to hundreds of contiguous or categorical variables, including interactions and higher-order terms. increase. This feature gives Sigma XL a significant advantage over competitors with the best subset limited to 30 continuous variables.
    • Best Subset Criteria: Minimize AICc, BIC.Maximize the adjusted coefficient of determination
    • Hierarchical options
    • A detailed report with additional statistics such as conditional numbers and Mallows’ Cp.

Advanced multiple regression> Multiple response optimization

  • Multiple response optimization with desirability
    • Multi Start Nel Dermead Simplex
    • MIDACO

Help> Which graphical tool should I use?

  • Overview of SigmaXL Graphical Tools

Help> Which stats tool should I use?

  • Overview of SigmaXL Graphical Tools

A 30-day free trial version can be downloaded from the SigmaXL website (

About SigmaXL Inc.
SigmaXL is a leading provider of user-friendly Excel add-ins for Lean Six Sigma Tools and Monte Carlo simulations. SigmaXL’s customers include market leaders such as DHL, FedEx, Hanes, Kimberly-Clark, Motorola, NASA, Sonoco, Southwest Airlines and Western Union. SigmaXL software is also used by many universities and government agencies.

For more information, please visit or call 1-888-SigmaXL (888-744-6295).

Press Contact: Diane Tilley (888) 744-6295

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SigmaXL Inc. Announces Release of Version 9.1, Canadian Business Journal

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