Should Team Canada Take Devon Toews to the Olympics?

The Team Canada Olympic roster is up in the air right now, with a lot to consider, including whether NHL players will attend at all or not. Assuming they do, there are a number of contenders for the defensive spots on the roster, but should one of those be going to Colorado Avalanche defenseman, Devon Toews?

The Olympics is a huge event for Canada with many gold medals expected and one of those could very well come from the men’s ice hockey team. In addition to the passionate hockey fans, there will be many patriotic, non-sports fans tuning into the Olympics, willing the team to do well.

It is the spirit that will lead Canada to many gold medals in Beijing, but will Toews pick one of those up as a player?

The Season Start for Toews

Things didn’t look great in the summer: Toews needed surgery and missed the start of the season. However, he’s now playing and is off to a lightning-fast start. As reported on, the Colorado Avalanche traded away two second-round picks to get Toews, and so far he looks worth a lot more than that.

The defenseman has played 15 games so far this season, picking up 20 points from those games with four goals and 16 assists. He has a +/- rating of plus-19, meaning he has been on the ice for a lot more goals than goals against while playing five on five.

The Avalanche have a number of stars on their roster, including Toews, and they have been able to market those stars in order to help them grow as a franchise. Not only have we seen the Avs do this in the USA, but also globally, as they have key players from Canada, Sweden, Russia, and Finland, amongst other places. Merchandising, mobile apps, social media, and game coverage have all been used to market the team, but the club, unlike other NHL franchises, is yet to try out casino gaming. This may be an area to explore in future years, we have seen soccer do this well, with many general soccer games available on sites such as those listed on but as of now, no hockey team, or the NHL as a whole, have decided to go down this route.

Should Toews Play to Partner Makar?

Despite the excellent start made by Toews, he hasn’t been the best defenseman on the Avalanche roster. That goes to a fellow Canadian, a player destined to play in the Olympics and that is Cale Makar. Toews partners Makar on the Avalanche blue line and given how Makar loves to jump into the play and get forward, having someone at the side of him in the Olympic team would really help. Not only would Toews play his own high-quality game, but he would also allow Makar to play how he does in the NHL.

Since time off due to the surgery Toews had, as reported on, Toews and Makar have been put together for the majority of their playing time. With each game they play, their knowledge of each other’s game, and positioning on the ice, go up a level.

This should be something that Team Canada taps into, and they do that by taking Toews to the Olympics and playing him with Makar.

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