Seth Rogen visits his company’s houseplant headquarters

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Seth Rogen invites fans to his company’s Los Angeles headquarters.

The actor took the fan to the Architectural Digest’s house and guided him to the building containing the goods of his weed and household goods company.

Houseplant was launched in Canada in 2019 and expanded to the United States in 2021 to sell household goods and provide cannabis in legitimate states.

Rogen showed off the front yard of the building, which features a game cornhole and a nap hammock.

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“People love American cornholes, that’s what I learned,” he explained. “There are cornholes and hammocks of houseplants. It’s nice here. I’ve never taken a nap here, I generally don’t take a nap, I say. The nap is ruined all day long. Become.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the company’s meetings were held outdoors, but staff have returned to working indoors, Rogen said.

Surprisingly, the original plan wasn’t to put the company out of the house, but since then they have found a benefit in the situation.

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“We set up a weed and household goods company called Houseplant, and we needed a place to base our business on, like a workspace for people to hang out,” Rogen shared. Did. “We talk a lot about our products, many of our products are household items, so it turns out that it’s invaluable that we could see them in a homely setting. I did. “

He added that they also had an office, but going through would be “very boring.”

Further explaining the spirit of the company, the 40-year-old shared it as a “smoke smoker”[s] He wanted to see something nice in the house, so he had a hard time finding a way to combine the two, so he started foliage plants.

He showed off some of their pottery as they moved inside the house, illuminated by natural light through large windows.

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Rogen shared that he sometimes actually experienced their work, and that one of the “eerie glaze” ashtrays was made by him.

“It’s just fun because we brainstorm all sorts of ways we can express our love for weeds in as many creative ways as possible,” he said in a series of tracks set to match different ones. Shares of marijuana shared while showing off their records.

Star then introduced members of the company’s staff, promoting several upcoming products, including THC’s “low-dose” and “medium-dose” beverages.

Seth Rogen visits his company’s houseplant headquarters

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