Sept. 22 letter: Justin Trudeau out of touch with Canadians and their struggle

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So… the current inflation rate of 1.5% is solely due to the carbon tax created by Dear Leader Justin and the Liberals. Additionally, the myth of being revenue neutral for most Canadians is also BS.The government has also grown 20% since he and his party were first elected, but I’m sure the population has not The Bank of Canada claims to keep inflation at 2%, but how does that work when it’s already stuck in the 1.5% hole? (The current total is 3.) Perhaps the night of karaoke he had before the Queen’s funeral made him seriously consider other options for voting. It might piss them off enough…but I doubt it.

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(Is this Trudeau’s swan song?)

lesson learned

Just as Justin Trudeau is heartbroken and in love with the world’s elite, maybe he should be thinking about the Queen’s common sense. The queen was the woman of the people. The new king, like Trudeau and the other privileged in attendance, has an unconventional agenda of climate change and common sense. Before you crush a commoner, stop and think what the Queen did. Then you will probably come up with the correct answer. The only hope of the Canadian common people is Prince Pierre.

J. Hutchins

(King Charles III has said he will not speak as frankly as he has in the past.)

damn Daniel

Danielle Smith had already seized her chance as a leader, but it ended disastrously. She showed us that she doesn’t have the leadership qualities to fight the campaign against the NDP. She has her own self-centered views and it’s not realistic or legal to help Alberta prosper.No to Daniel!

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Val Scofield

(We’ll have to wait and see who the UCP membership decides.)

be scared

With Pierre Polivre as official leader of the opposition, the other parties went on the offensive. His heavily indebted NDP managed to scrape together a few bucks to create an attack ad. for Canadians. With the prime minister already making that claim, Mr Polivre is likely to propose a more substantive ‘plan’.

Al Willie

(All federal parties are justifiably afraid of the Poilievre Tories.)

good luck in the future

The death of the Queen is sad. A monarch who is devoted and loyal to his people. What’s even sadder is the constant barrage of backdoor comments about Meghan and Harry and Kate and William’s soap opera. It goes without saying that the King hated fountain pens. The final straw is the decision to remove his ER initials from Harry’s uniform. A veteran of veterans. Move from Royals! It’s become too zoo-like. Please do your best.

Bill Scholdyce

(People can’t help but be fascinated by the intrigues of the palace.)

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Sept. 22 letter: Justin Trudeau out of touch with Canadians and their struggle

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