Senior Housing Development Receives Summerland Council Approval

Amendments to the Official Community Plan and Amendments to the Zoning Bylaws for the new facility on Dixon Avenue have been approved by the Summerland Council.

At its August 22nd meeting, the Summerland Council read the amendments for the third time.

The official community plan designation is changed from medium-density housing to high-density housing, and the zoning designation is changed from residential medium-density to site-specific residential high-density.

This change allows the exchange of three townhouse buildings and one ancillary building on the site to construct one mixed-use building with apartment units and medical services. The proposal is for 81 apartment units and 806 square meters of medical service space to replace the 24 townhouse units currently on site.

This proposal has space for 16 primary care physicians or nurses, and a medical services space with space to house visiting specialists and interior health specialty services.

In June, the developer made a public announcement about the project. 78% of participants agreed. In July, the proposal was submitted to the Summerland Council, which passed his first two readings of amendments to the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaws.

However, the plan met with opposition from neighbors.

“We strongly oppose this planned development,” said Dean Skouleiko, president of Cedar Estates on the same street.

He said traffic would be a problem as development progressed because the roads are narrow.

Additionally, Skoreyko said the scale of the development will affect residents of Cedar Estates. He said the tall building would mean his unit would be in darkness from December to January, ruining his visibility.

Earl. Doug Holmes said development benefits the community.

“We really need this building,” he said. “We really need affordable housing for seniors. We really need primary care clinics.”

The proposed amendments to this property’s zoning and official community planning bylaws passed their third reading with unanimous Council support.

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Senior Housing Development Receives Summerland Council Approval

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