Senegalese government accuses Canadian police of ‘barbaric’ beating of diplomat

Gatineau, Cue. – The Senegalese government has accused Canadian police of beating one of his diplomats “savagely”.

The Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said a diplomat working for a West African country’s embassy in Ottawa was detained and beaten at his home in Gatineau, Coué province, on August 2.

She was “handcuffed, severely beaten, had trouble breathing and was taken by ambulance to hospital,” the ministry said in a release Thursday, which was only made public Friday.

The ministry did not immediately release details about her condition.

Gatineau police said in a news release issued Friday night in response to the Senegalese government’s allegations that officers were called in to assist bailiffs who were trying to carry out a court order on Tuesday afternoon.

Police said the subject of the court order, identified only as a woman with diplomatic status, was “aggressive and refused to cooperate.”

They claimed the woman punched a female officer in the face when the officer tried to explain the process.

Officers then decided to arrest the woman “for the safety of everyone present,” according to the statement. Police claimed the woman resisted arrest and bit another officer before being tackled to the ground where she was detained.

A police statement said the woman was “restrained in the back seat of a patrol car under the supervision of police officers,” but enforcement officers carried out the court’s order. “When questioned, the person never mentioned being injured or in pain.”

Police say they were called back to the same location by paramedics who were treating the woman about an hour and a half after they first arrived, without giving further details, only saying there were about 10 people. said.

The Senegalese government said the acting minister at the Canadian embassy in the Senegalese capital, Dakar, had been summoned to the foreign ministry so officials could “strongly condemn and strongly condemn this racist and barbaric act.” rice field.

A memo of protest has been sent to the Canadian government, it said.

“The Senegalese government demanded that an investigation be launched without delay and that the perpetrators of this unacceptable assault be prosecuted. constitutes a flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,” the ministry said.

Gatineau police said they have notified state and federal authorities about the incident and asked the state’s public prosecutor’s office to pursue charges of assaulting and obstructing a police officer. The decision is made by the public prosecutor’s office.

Police said they had no further comment due to possible judicial proceedings, but said they would cooperate with the investigation.

Global Affairs Canada did not respond to a request for comment Saturday morning.

This report by the Canadian Press was first published on August 6, 2022.

Senegalese government accuses Canadian police of ‘barbaric’ beating of diplomat

Source link Senegalese government accuses Canadian police of ‘barbaric’ beating of diplomat

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