Senator fans can have big dreams after Brady Tokachuk signs a long-term contract

Well, it changes everything.

Figuratively speaking, they were a little depressed from the recent negative mood rash when Ottawa Senators fans were preparing for the rink for their first home regular season match in 588 days. I was hit by a lightning bolt.

A life-changing light of hope and stability for the small market NHL franchise and its fan base.

If only Sens could make a long-term contract with their mind and soul left-this was a mantra deep in late spring, early summer, and training camps and pre-season schedules. Senators are deep enough to have to fight the opening round of the season with the Toronto Maple Leafs, who came on Thursday, without Brady Tokatuk in the lineup.

But no. The 7 will be included in the Ottawa lineup shortly and in the coming years.

Suddenly, everything was possible again, including building true competitors around the core of young players including Tkachuk, Thomas Chabot, Josh Norris, Tim Stützle, Drake Batherson, Jake Sanderson and more. Maybe this franchise can really fulfill the promise that this time the situation will be different where their stars are involved.

Recently, Madville had no joy in paraphrasing Ernest Lawrence Sayer’s great poems. A strong senator seemed to have overwhelmed the attempt to sign a long-term contract with Tokatuk. In addition, two starting forwards, Colin White and Xavier Woods, were injured, and first-place goalkeeper Matt Murray was ill and unable to play Reefs.

But because of real disappointment, fans only thought about what was happening at the forefront of the Brady T deal. From the report, it’s not enough to wear a hat. The bridge deal seems inevitable, and a short-term amendment will refrain from going here again-Tkachuk, like Mark Stone, Erik Karlsson, and others in front of him. He will soon be out in the open as his Prime Minister’s UFA.

Everything changed when the team announced that Tokachuk had signed a seven-year, $ 57.5 million contract with Senator shortly after noon and shortly after skating in the morning. AAV is $ 8,214 million.

You may find it impossible to make the biggest deal. .. .. Until otherwise. That was the case here.

It is categorized in this way: $ 4 million in 2021-22, then $ 6.5 million, $ 10.5 million, $ 10.5 million, $ 10.5 million, $ 8.5 million, and finally $ 2027-28. $ 7 million in the 7th and final years of the transaction.

So it’s consistent with Chabot’s deal, a $ 8 million deal signed two years ago by the franchise defender. The contract also expires in 2027-28.

“Today is an exciting day for the Ottawa Senators,” general manager Pierre Dorion said in a statement. Dorion will be interviewing Thursday night before the match.

“Brady has a very dynamic skill set and is a typical power forward for the NHL today. He means scoring goals, playing physically and becoming a professional for every player in the organization. Is illustrated. “

In the same statement, Senator owner Eugene Melnik said he was finally excited about Tokatuk signing a long-term contract.

“He is a valuable member of our leadership group, widely respected by his teammates and confident that he will have a significant impact on the success of the coming season.”

Players will be relieved, not only because they no longer have to answer questions about soldiers without imposing a 22-year-old left.

Head coach DJ Smith may be the happiest inside the walls of the Canadian Tire Center.

Smith talked about Tokatuk on Wednesday and said: They want him to be here. We want to win every game. When he is with us, we have a chance to win. They want him here, but they understand that business is a business and there is nothing we can do to change it. Because it’s not our job. All we can do is win in the group in front of us. “

Suddenly, striving to win without Tokachuk becomes a temporary task.

With plans to skate with the team as early as Friday, Tokatuk will take a few days to get ready to join the game, but will be ready to play in a short period of time. According to Smith, Tokachuk’s main role is to drag teammates into battle, even at night when they don’t seem ready to do so.

Tokatuk wasn’t the main scorer last season, but he led the senator with 17 goals and 19 assists, scoring 36 goals in 56 games. He played over 18 minutes per game and provided 248 body checks (third in the NHL) while peeling 85% (random guess) of his opponents.

That “chucky” is back, attacking blue paint, smiling like a devil, dancing Frank the Tank’s celery, and having a long-term commitment to the team and the community-Senator fans Is more than you can realistically imagine.

So far, at least, the era of fire tires is over.

There is hope in the capital of the country.

Now that the impossible has been achieved, everything seems possible.

Tkachuk has been in it for a long time, and when the story unfolds like a script, he drags the team into the Stanley Cup. This is Ottawa’s first match since 1927.

I dare to dream.

Senator fans can have big dreams after Brady Tokachuk signs a long-term contract

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