See Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy first in Heaven’s new comedy series “God’s Favorite Fool”

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Netflix has released the first trailer for the couple’s team Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy’s high-concept comedy series “God’s Favorite Idiot.”

In the eight-episode series, Falcone plays Clark Thompson. When Clark Thompson mysteriously begins to shine, his peaceful life changes dramatically.

However, the visit from the angel (played by McCarthy’s former Gilmore Girls co-star Yanic Truesdale) is not a coincidence in his brilliance, but a gift from the Almighty to his Clark fails Satan. Reveal what you can do (Leslie Bibb) and head to the Apocalypse — a job that Clark believes he isn’t particularly well equipped.

Vince Valitutti / Netflix © 2022

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“Clark Thompson (Ben Falcone) is a mid-career technical support employee who goes to the sauna with his father Jean (Kevin Dunn), chases his colleague Amilly (Melissa McCarthy), and loves cats. Read the overview of Netflix. .. “As he begins to shine, he begins to realize that today is not the average day in the office, but God has a bigger plan for him. Clark cannot save humanity on his own. He has to gather a swarm of mismatched colleagues and his longtime crash Amilly and fellow angels to betray Satan himself (Leslie Bibb). After all, save the world alone. They can’t be, so they’re just an average group of human beings gathering together for greater benefit. “

Vince Valitutti / Netflix © 2022
Vince Valitutti / Netflix © 2022

As variety Reported last summer, the series was originally scheduled for 16 episodes, but production in Australia was “stopped early” and the series was planned to be produced in batches of two eight episodes.

“We wrapped the production in episode 8 of’God’s Favorite Idiot’, which will premiere next year. Australia is very welcoming to all of us and we appreciate their hospitality. Netflix spokeswoman Thanks to creative partners Ben and Melissa, as well as the hard work and dedication to make this show a reality. ” variety..

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“Leaving Australia is very sad because it really felt like our hometown last year,” Falcone and McCarthy said in a statement. “We were very fortunate to have the best and hardest-working cast and crew in Australia. We are very proud of” God’s favorite idiot “and can’t wait to share it with everyone. not. “

“God’s Favorite Fool” will premiere on June 15th.

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See Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy first in Heaven’s new comedy series “God’s Favorite Fool”

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