“Secret Source” Concentrate – Canadian Business Journal in response to market segment growth

Vancouver, British Columbia, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Juva Life Inc. (CSE: JUVA) (OTCQB: JUVAF) (FRANKFURT: 4VV) (“Juva Life”, “Juva” or “Company”), A life sciences company engaged in pharmaceutical research and development and consumer business in cannabis production and distribution has a line of enrichment called “Secret Source”, the company’s first own-brand product, as part of its strategic commitment to diversification. We announced the launch today. Wholesale line to branded products.

Doug Crowpek, CEO and Founder of Juba, said: “Our customers trust the quality, safety and transparency of our products. The Secret Source Concentrate Line is what our customers want and both Juva Delivery and a strong retail partnership. We look forward to expanding our offering of Juva products to more regions of California through. “

Concentrate brands are launched at the ideal time in the market, and concentrates represent the fastest growing category of cannabis products, accounting for 26.6% of the market share. Recent report by ArcView in partnership with BDS Analytics.. Secret sources are available through Distributors and Juva Delivery, a vertically integrated division of Juva Life, Inc. We also offer contactless prepayment options through Paytender, a secure and free online payment service.

Each product begins with a selection of cultivars grown at the company’s 30,000-square-foot cannabis plant in Stockton, California. Once harvested and cured, the material is transferred to manufacturing partners for final processing and distribution throughout the state. Secret sauces currently sold at some cannabis retailers in the California region will be available in additional stores within a few weeks. To find locally available products in the Stockton area Access here.. To find locally available products in the San Francisco Peninsula Access here..

Juva Life’s Pharmaceutical Research and Life Sciences Department is working to identify the mechanism of action behind the anecdotal ability of cannabis to control pain and inflammation. We recently identified the non-cannabinoid compounds JUVA-019 and JUVA-041, applied for patents, conducted preclinical studies, and these compounds suppress inflammation by regulating specific biomarkers in the body. It has been shown to be effective as a stand-alone compound. .. JUVA-019 and JUVA-041, which we have designated as candidates for further preclinical studies, are currently in the process of phenotypic models of age-related chronic diseases.

We are also pleased to announce that on January 6, 2022, stock options of 3,175,000 shares and stock acquisition rights of 10,000,000 shares have been revoked. On March 25, 2022, we granted our consultants, employees, and directors 17,220,000 stock options available for 10 years at $ 0.32 per stock option. Stock options have various vesting conditions.

On behalf of the board

-Doug Chloupek-

Doug Chloupek, CEO and Founder

Juba Life Co., Ltd.

About Juva Life Inc. (CSE: JUVA) (OTCQB: JUVAF) (FRA: 4VV)

Juva Life employs cutting-edge science to discover, develop and commercialize safe and effective wellness and medicines in both the cannabis consumer segment and the non-cannabinoid-based healthcare industry. The company has successfully followed the 2018 roadmap, starting with standardization of cultivation, extraction and formulation to provide consumers with reproducible benefits. Juva is built on the chemistry skills of these natural product processes and now includes discovery pharmacology. We leverage the revenue generated from our retail business to leverage the Juva-019 and Juva-041 consumer and clinical development efforts, as well as other potentially valuable consumer and pharmaceutical applications. Promotes non-cannabinoid bioactive substances. Juva is working to bring the cannabis market to the next generation investment grade business model in this sector. See below for more information.

For more information, please contact:

Juba Life Investor Relations

Tel: Tel: +1 833-333-5882 (JUVA)


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“Secret Source” Concentrate – Canadian Business Journal in response to market segment growth

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