Satirical election signs aim to spark conversation in Kelowna – Kelowna Capital News

If you’re driving or walking through Kelowna this weekend, you might see election signs.

And for those who install them, that’s exactly the point.

Under the pseudonym “Garth,” the person in charge “hopes to get people’s attention and start seeing signs…and maybe add some fun to it.”

Garth told Capital News he was disappointed that so few people were paying attention to the upcoming city council elections scheduled for Oct. 15. public interest.

“People are walking down the street and not even looking up. Passers-by don’t seem to notice…but if they have reason to look, they might think so.”

As of September 23, Garth has created seven fake election signs with names such as Patrick Star (from Spongebob Squarepants) and Peter Parker (from Spider-Man). He said he had enough ingredients to make 10 more.

“I just want to add a little more brightness to the whole thing and get people more interested in the election without promoting any particular candidate.”

He said he had previously reviewed local billboard regulations – making sure they weren’t too big and determining where they could be placed.

He spoke with an undecided city council member who liked the idea, adding that it could be viewed as a billboard rather than an election.

According to the city’s Chief Elections Officer Laura Bentley, Kelowna’s Election Signs Ordinance regulates the size, location and timing of placement of signs advertising candidates or advertising election events. The content of the signs is controlled by Election BC.

“To be considered a sign under the Election Signing Bylaw, if it advertises an individual, that individual must be declared a candidate,” she said.

Depending on the nature of the problem, if the sign is in front of the park, ordinance services or city officials may remove the non-conforming sign and contact the sign owner.

“If it’s a sign that doesn’t fall under the Election Signs Ordinance … it will be taken down again and you may not know who to contact, but it could be a sign that requires a sign permit, for example,” Bentley said. added Mr.

In that case, the sign must meet the requirements of the city’s normal signage ordinance in order to be approved.

Bentley said it could have repercussions for those who put up election signs in violation of the ordinance.

“We usually try to give warnings, provide information and raise awareness before imposing penalties,” she said.

Election signing bylaw violations can be $100.

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Kelowna City Election 2022

Satirical election signs aim to spark conversation in Kelowna – Kelowna Capital News

Source link Satirical election signs aim to spark conversation in Kelowna – Kelowna Capital News

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