Sandra Oh, Donovan Bailey of Dozens of Orders of Canada

Film and television actress Sandra Oh and track champion Donovan Bailey are among the dozens of performers, athletes, advocates and professionals newly named to Canada’s highest civilian honor.

Governor Mary Simon announced 85 appointments to the Order of Canada on Wednesday to market celebrities in areas such as film, music, science, politics, business, academia, sports and culture.

“Grey’s Anatomy” and “Killing Eve” stars Oh have been appointed to the Order of Canada for their success on stage and screen, and Bailey for athletics excellence and philanthropy for youth and amateur athletes. I was nominated as an officer.

“For me, I just want to be a great example for young Canadians to be able to follow in my own footsteps,” Bailey said when he arrived prior to the announcement in Vancouver.

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“Hopefully, I believe Canada is positive, Canada should be confident, and Canada can take on anyone and be golden (inspiring others). Was one of the people. “

François Girard, a film director / screenwriter in Montreal, and Angela James in Richmond Hill, Ontario, were one of the first female hockey superstars and were nominated for high service or service to Canada.

New members of this order, praised for their outstanding service to specific communities and disciplines, include Toronto music industry veteran Almea. Former MP Nancy Uqquujuq Karetak-Lindel of Alviato, Nunavut Territory. Vancouver HIV / AIDS researcher Martin T. Schecter.

Karetak-Lindell says she was only five years old when she began to think about how she could serve a small community in the north.

Sixty years later, she can look back on her career in public services, including working for the local council and education authorities and working as a Liberal Party member as a member of parliament from 1997 to 2008.

“I came from a family who was taught to do it carefully, with love and respect, without helping others and expecting to be recognized, so I am this Order of Canada. It’s a real honor to think that people feel they deserve to be awarded, “she said when she arrived at Alviato.

“And, of course, being an Inuit means that today’s governor is an Inuit.”

Karetak Lindel, one of the ten children, says he was encouraged to respect others and never forget where he came from. She acknowledges her achievements in role models, including her uncle and Inuit leader Tagak Curly. Her father was a Special Constable of RCMP. And her mother was a “pre-her woman” who served in a male-dominated local council or organization.

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“Our community is one of the people who are always trying to help our peers. And that’s the environment in which I grew up and my parents influenced me. But this community is what I want to do. I always feel I can do more because I believe I can do anything, “she said.

Mair has been honored after working in the music industry since she was 12 years old when she sold records at an after-school music store.

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He helped the Canadian scene grow by helping launch a variety of careers, including eight-year-old singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot. Mair also led several music organizations, including the Canadian Independent Music Association and the independent label Attic Records.

He traces his passion for Expo 67 in Montreal. This is a spectacular World’s Fair that celebrates Canada’s 100th anniversary and showscase its locally grown talents.

“I was convinced that Canadian artists were at least as good as artists in other countries of the world, if not good, and I always felt that way,” Lee Aaron, Triumph, said. Mare on the label roster, including Maestro Fresh Wess, said. , Nylon, and Haywire.

“There were a lot of negative opinions among the broadcasters that Canadian artists were second-rate and not enough. Persuading broadcasters is a real challenge, and Canadian artists broadcast. It literally took decades to be fully accepted by the industry. “

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Another recipient, announced Wednesday, was a nephrologist, William Clark, London, Ontario, who investigated the long-term health effects of the worst E. coli contamination in Canada in 2000 in Walkerton, Ontario. Includes Dr. Stephen Joseph Augustin, Hereditary Chief of First Nations in Canada, Elsipogtug, New Brunswick, has advanced Mi’kmaq’s research and awareness.

Recipients will be presented with an insignia at a later date in Ottawa, depending on availability. At Rideau Hall, an average of four Investiture Ceremony is held annually.

The prestigious person gets a silver insignia shaped like a six-pointed snowflake, with a red ring in the middle and a crown on top. It also features a stylized maple leaf with the motto of the order, Desiderantes Meliorem Patriam, which means “they want a better country”.

Founded in 1967, the Order of Canada recognizes outstanding achievements, community dedication, and national service. More than 7,600 people are invested from all areas of society.

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Sandra Oh, Donovan Bailey of Dozens of Orders of Canada

Source link Sandra Oh, Donovan Bailey of Dozens of Orders of Canada

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