Sainz’s first career win wins a memorable British Grand Prix

Silverstone wasn’t disappointed, and Sunday’s British Grand Prix was probably the most thrilling race to date.

There was a shocking turn from the gate with a red flag in a horrific multicar crash on the opening lap, but the race resumed almost an hour later and fans were treated to an electric event where Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz captured him. It was the first career GP victory in Formula One.

Red Bull’s Sergio Perez jumped to second place, and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton delighted the British home spectators in the final against Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who finished fourth. Even Alpine’s Fernando Alonso, who finished in 5th place, seemed to want to have fun.

Here’s what you need to know from the British Grand Prix:

Sainz secures his first victory

Whether or not the race was fun, it’s enough to say that Sainz shouldn’t forget. In his eighth season in F1 after 150 starts, Sainz can now say he is the winner of the race.

No one expected Sainz to win the race between Toro Rosso (now Alpha Tauri) and Renault, but since joining Ferrari last season, it seems inevitable.

Sainz was late for one win in the end, but he seemed particularly well prepared for his recent finish in second place in the previous three races. Taking pole position on Saturday took him one step further.

It wasn’t a perfect drive from Sainz, as Max Verstappen overtook him after the first start (before the accident set the red flag on the race). Also, due to a hiccup on lap 10, Sainz’s car went off course and Verstappen plunged to take the lead. It can also be expensive.

Ferrari continues to make some mysterious strategic decisions, from telling Sainz and Leclerc that they can fight on the truck, to putting a putt on Sainz and asking him to stop Hamilton for Leclerc. On the truck and in the cold.

Hamilton crowd roar

When you hear the crowd in the sound of a car or commentator, the crowd speaks out loud. Fans exploded as Hamilton took the lead on lap 26, Leclerc pitted in, and seven-time world champions continued to fight for the podium at the Home Grand Prix, with fierce cheers continuing to the final stage.

Hamilton finished third in two consecutive races, and Mercedes drivers earned bonus fastest lap points in the extracherry process, in addition to successful homecoming. The 7th World Champion may not be competing for victory yet, but it’s great to see him heading in the right direction.

Verstappen holds the championship firmly

It looked like a continuation of the Canadian Grand Prix, starting with Verstappen taking the lead to Sainz until the Red Bull driver maintained a flat tire, wasn’t able to dodge Ferrari and faded out from the front. The new tires had little effect in alleviating the situation, as Verstappen’s car floor was also damaged. Verstappen could not compete because downforce plays a very important role in the new rules and regulations.

Despite saying on the radio that his car was “100% broken,” Red Bull advised Verstappen to continue, and he was able to drag into the P7 finish and save six points.

The championship leader has a 34-point advantage over his teammate Perez. After Perez got entangled with Leclerc after the restart, the finish in 2nd place was totally unexpected. He needed an unplanned early pit stop to replace the front wing. By deviating from the strategy and riding the car that won the race, Perez was able to pass through the field and finish fourth in front of the final virtual safety car. That led to the battle to the finish with Hamilton, Leclerc and Perez’s escape in P2.

Verstappen holds a 43-point cushion against Leclerc in 3rd place, while Sainz is back 54 points in 4th place. Fortunately, Verstappen, who has won six in the last eight races, was able to take an unlucky break.

Schumacher gets first points

Mick Schumacher was the first day to finish in 8th place to score his first point in F1. (I’m also happy to see one of the bold pre-season predictions.)

Haas’s driver showed that he was willing to put Verstappen under pressure for the seventh time, even if he had the first point in his pocket, and endanger it for a larger biscuit. Schumacher couldn’t overtake the struggling Red Bull car, but he still enjoyed the finish.

Four points bounced off Schumacher over Alex Albon and Lance Stroll, finishing 17th in the championship. Nicholas Latifi is the only full-time driver who hasn’t scored points yet this season. Latifi was praised for reaching his third qualifying session this weekend, but Toronto’s Williams driver was unable to maintain his point position and finished P12.

Sebastian Vettel, who finished in 9th place, was watching the young Schumacher carefully. After the race, I was happy to see the German driver hugging it.

Zhou saved by Hello

The Grand Prix was a terrifying start as Zhou Guanyu’s Alfa Romeo flipped upside down in an accident on the opening lap, slipped off the track, crossed the gravel, was launched over the tire barrier and pushed into the gap on the other side. At the catch fence. Thankfully, the car didn’t ignite, even though Zhou was trapped there.

Zhou was checked out at the medical center where he was cleared, and the Chinese driver trusted the Hello Safety Device to save him.

The FIA ​​needs to investigate why the roll hoop behind the lap failed, which is also evidence of the safety innovations made by the sport. Also, for the second time in less than a year, after seeing Verstappen’s car ride on Hamilton’s car at the Italian Grand Prix last season, Hello played an integral role in preventing tragic consequences. did.

Russell’s remarkable streak is over

Mercedes driver George Russell raced on his home track and was caught up in an accident on the opening lap before finishing in the top five at every race start of the season on Sunday.

Russell took the podium three times in an impressive nine-race streak, and the 24-year-old beat his teammate Hamilton seven times.

After one streak, Russell continues to look for a win in his first career, the Grand Prix, and shifts his attention to another streak aiming for a break. Russell got off to a 70-time start. This is less than half the time Sainz had to wait for his first victory.

Russell should be praised for being in a hurry to check the lap after the horrific crash. It led to his DNF, even if his Mercedes was still working, as Russell got out of the car and the safety crew trucked it back into the pits.

Sainz’s first career win wins a memorable British Grand Prix

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