Saint-Tropez 1-hour Self-Tan Mousse: Get $ 44 Discount as much as possible-E!online

If you need a little more convincing before shopping, check out these acclaimed reviews from happy QVC shoppers.

Saint-Tropez Self-Tan Express Bronze Mousse Duo Review

An avid fan of Tanner said, “I’ve been using this tanning product for several years. This is by far the best self-tanner I’ve found. Follow the instructions. Treat your skin especially before use. The price of all other products is rising, but it’s a great purchase from QVC. I have no complaints about this product. Thank you QVC for setting such a great price for the spring and summer seasons. “

Another long-time user of this product said, “You will never use any other self-tanner. Believe me, I tried them all. Saint-Tropez is the best on the market and the price of QVC is Great! “

A QVC shopper said, “I used all the self tanners, some are good, but in the end I decided to try Saint-Tropez. I was very impressed. Zero odor … perfect. Color … works as described. It looks very natural. It’s easy to apply. “

“I will use this product forever !!! I have been a fan of Saint-Tropez for several years, but the mousse is perfect! I have no stripes and the color never turns orange. Because I have sensitive skin You can use it on your face. Never stop. The only complaint is that it will drop out after a few uses, so please send me an additional mit. I bought an additional mit on Amazon. ” bottom.

Shoppers say, “Saint-Tropez mousse is easy to use, has no stains on your hands, has no stripes, and has a nice bronze color. It looks natural, undressed. You can wear it as many times a week as you like. As you like. I usually do it once or twice a week. I’ve been to the beach after using it and always think it doesn’t smell. It fades. I don’t know at all. I don’t know. I always buy from Qbc. Great deals like this. I’ve been using this for 15-20 years. Thanks to Q for providing this great product and price, including the mitt! Mostly Stores charge them extra! I love it! “

Another person said, “Looking at the product on QVC, I had great expectations. It’s a great product. It’s easy to apply, it really looks like a tan, it’s great. It’s a valuable product. Thank you!”

“I have Irish white skin. I get tanned but I don’t feel like lying in the pool all day. Yesterday I took a shower two hours later and used the product. Great color this morning is.
It’s not orange, it smells, it’s not striped. I think the key is to use the attached hand towel. This is by far the best Tanner I’ve used, “explained Tanner fans.

“I don’t write a review, but this product answers all the positive discussions on the air. My friends and I needed to get better for the Derby event. I have a quick shipment. I used it, it arrived in time and it worked. My confidence tanned nice legs increased my cabbage dress, “the customer reviewed.

Saint-Tropez 1-hour Self-Tan Mousse: Get $ 44 Discount as much as possible-E!online

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