Sabrina: Dark Adventures in Chucky-E!online

Lachlan Watson Fulfill a double duty in Season 2 of Chucky— And we are not clowns.

The most well-known non-binary actor in Netflix’s role as Theo Sabrina’s chilling adventureAnnounced the news on Instagram on June 28th. “Hello, my name is Lucklan Watson. Here Glen and Glenda are back in Chucky Season 2. See you twice this fall.”

Children Chucky (voice Brad Dourif) And Linda Valentine ()Jennifer Tilly), Glen and Glenda were first introduced in the 2004 movie Chucky seeds-voice Billy Boyd— Later, when Chucky told Jake, he was mentioned in the first season of the television series (Zaccary Arthur) He had a “genderfluid kid”.

Brad, Jennifer, Ensemble Cast Byorgvin Arnerson, Alivia Allin Lind When Devon Sawa— A person who recently played an impressive guest appearance in Season 2 hack— All back to Season 2.

Sabrina: Dark Adventures in Chucky-E!online

Source link Sabrina: Dark Adventures in Chucky-E!online

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