Rugby completes soil sampling and 3D magnetic modeling at the Canadian Business Journal, Elzan John Gold Project, Argentina

Vancouver, British Columbia, March 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rugby Mining Limited (“Rugby” or “Company”) (TSX-V: RUG) reports the completion of its follow-up soil sampling program. Dimensional geomagnetic modeling at El Zanjon, Argentina. Soil analysis is awaited, but 3D magnetic modeling is complete.

3D modeling shows a series of deep east-west faults that are interpreted as potential hydrothermal alteration pathways for mineralized fluids. Figure 1 (left) shows the previously identified magnetic anomaly with a diameter of 10 km, showing the location of the NS cross section. Figure 1 (right) shows the cross-sectional position again, but shows the data as a magnetization vector inversion scheme. This presentation shows an EW fault that divides the strata into a series of blocks.

FFigure 1: Elle Sanhon RTP geomagnetism and magnetization vector inversion level planning is done at an altitude of -50 m from the height of the circular magnetism. A section view of the line’A’ –’AA’ is shown in Figure 2.

Presenting the data as a magnetic cross section (Figure 2) allows us to interpret the slope of the fault. Receiving and editing soil data enables drill targeting.

Southern Rock Geophysics has been contracted to prepare a series of horizontal plans and a 3D magnetization model plotting north-south vertical sections. The plan and section have identified deep structures that are likely to utilize magmatic gold and silver-rich fluids.

Figure 2: Inversion of the vertical magnetization vector across Sanhon Circular magnetic height.
Seen westward (F = interpreted fault, H = magnetic high, L = magnetic low).
See Figure 1 for the location.

Glenvan Kerkvoort, Chief Technology Officer of Rugby, said:Many of these Deep-rooted The structure is widespread Kilometers And it was not clear in the magnetism of the original contour.Similar in my experience Deep-rooted The east-west (EW) structures of both Cerro Moro and Cerro Negro are highly hosted. Luxury Gold silver Mineralization..Before rugby Low level Geochemistry showed gold anomalies at intersections of EW structures Northwest Construction.Do the final follow――――Strengthen geochemical research to further define new targets. “

Glen van Kerkfort “The methodology we are adopting is to sequentially layer geophysical and geochemical datasets and vectorize them to specific drill targets. Was there an outcrop in El? Sanhon Geology was the main tool, so we would have been drilling some time ago. In this case, geology is an unknown factor, except for the fact that it is known to be in the appropriate rock complex based on regional parameters. “

A fourth follow-up soil sampling program has been completed to test the new structure defined by the extension of the magnetic survey completed in late 2021. A total of 223 samples were sent for low-level ion leaching analysis, bringing the total number of soil samples to 1,099 (Figure 3). The sampling method is as follows *. Before the beginning of the southern winter, an additional fifth soil sampling program will be implemented to cover some deep interpreted fault structures identified by 3D magnetization vector inversion modeling.

When all data is received, the drill target takes precedence. Drilling is scheduled to begin in late 2022 in the summer of the Southern Hemisphere.

Figure 3 Soil sample location map for RTP magnetic level planning.

Paul Joyce, Chief Operating Officer of Rugby and a “qualified person” (“QP”) within the definition of that term in the National Instrument 43-101, Minerals Project Disclosure Standards, provides this underlying technical information. I verified it. news release.

* Sampling method

  • The soil was sampled according to the sampling instructions of the ALS Institute.
  • All site locations were recorded as WGS84, UTM East and North Coordinate Zone 19 using Handheld Garmin. eTrex® 20.
  • Samples were collected from 10 cm to 20 cm below the surface.
  • A 120 grams Samples were collected and placed in a Ziplock plastic bag with the sample number permanently marked on the bag.
  • The bag was folded back to remove most of the air, sealed, and then placed in another plastic bag to remove the same amount of air again before sealing.
  • The jewels were removed and only plastic and wooden tools were used.
  • All samples were placed in a plastic box and sent to ALS (Vancouver) for ion leaching analysis by the ME-MS23 ™ method.
  • Overlapping laboratory samples included in the analysis

Data analysis

  • Geochemical data was imported into the project’s database for geostatistical analysis, correlation determination, and geochemical mapping.
  • The dataset was filtered by soil type and grouped into gravel (SG) or tertiary (TR). analyse Independently of them.
  • Geostatistics Calculated using the Discover software for the sub-datasets Ag, As, Au, Cd, Cu, Fe, Hg, Mo, Pb, and Sr.
  • We then used percentiles to create accurate geochemical thematic maps to distinguish between anomalies.

About rugby
Rugby is an exploration company that conducts “discovery stage” exploration at targets in Colombia, Chile, Argentina, the Philippines and Australia. Our focus is on the potential discovery of high quality copper molybdenum porphyry systems in Cobrasco, Colombia. The potential for high quality silver-copper-gold to be found in the Salvadora project on the El Indio Gold Belt in central Chile ranks second. Rugby also manages a large portfolio of Colombian gold projects and / or applications that are in the process of title granting. Whenever possible, we will move to facilitate this process.

Rugby benefits from the experience of its directors and management, a team that was directly responsible for world-class mineral discoveries or was part of the management team responsible for such discoveries. Previous companies under their control included Exeter Resource Corporation and Extorre Gold Mines Limited, which had important projects in South America. These companies were acquired by Goldcorp (Newmont) and Yamana, respectively.

For more information, please visit the Rugby Mining Limited website.

Rob Gray, Vice President of Corporate Communications
Tel: 604.688.4941 Fax: 604.688.9532 Suite 810, 789 West Pender St.
Toll Free: 1.855.688.4941 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6C 1H2

The specific statements and information contained herein are “forward-looking information” in the sense of British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario securities law. This includes our proposed exploration program for the Salvadora project in Chile, progress in obtaining approval for exploration rights applications in Colombia, expected timing of drilling and / or geophysical programs, and exploration programs including drilling. Includes a statement on budget costs and high quality to implement. The potential and potential for mineral discovery in a project, as well as known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other that may significantly differ from the company’s actual results, performance or performance, or industry results. From future results, performances, or outcomes expressed or implied by information about the style or occurrence of mineralization, including factors. We own certain projects, including Salvadora, under option contracts and require annual cash payments, expenses, and / or drilling requirements to maintain their profits. If we fail to meet our obligations or renegotiate the contract, we will lose the rights under the option contract. Forward-looking information may cause actual events or consequences that differ from those reflected in forward-looking information, including but not limited to the price impact of key mineral products such as copper and gold. It is subject to a variety of sexual risks and uncertainties. Due to factors beyond our control. Unpredictable events such as political and economic instability, terrorism, environmental factors, government regulation and tax changes. Lack of personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to design and execute exploration programs. Difficulty in arranging contracts for drilling and other exploration services. Our reliance on stock market financing to fund exploration programs and maintain good mineral exploration properties. Changing mineral rights, environmental regulations, taxes or royalties in a way that could adversely affect a company’s assets or financial position and undermine its ability to drive or further raise mineral exploration projects, Funding for Political Risk Exploration to Interpret or Enforce; Risks Related to Ownership of Resource Assets Due to Difficulty Determining the Validity of a Specific Claim, as well as the Philippines, Argentina, Chile, Colombia And ambiguous transmission characteristics of many resource characteristics, currency risks associated with overseas operations, timing to obtain permission to carry out exploration activities, ability to conclude contracts with local communities and other risks and uncertainties, COVID 19 pandemic Included in each of our management discussions and analyzes, including the continued impact of, and in the financial statements for the fiscal year ended February 28, 2021 submitted to the Canadian Securities Manager. What is there. In addition, forward-looking information is based on a variety of assumptions, including but not limited to, the results and costs of exploration, and the availability of materials and skilled workers. If one or more of these risks and uncertainties become apparent, or if the underlying assumptions are found to be incorrect, the actual results will differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements. There is a possibility. Therefore, readers are advised not to place excessive trust in information about future prospects. We undertake no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking information as a result of new information, future events, etc., except as required by applicable securities law.

Neither TSX VENTURE EXCHANGE nor its regulatory service provider (because the term is defined in the TSX VENTURE EXCHANGE policy) is responsible for the validity or accuracy of this release.

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Rugby completes soil sampling and 3D magnetic modeling at the Canadian Business Journal, Elzan John Gold Project, Argentina

Source link Rugby completes soil sampling and 3D magnetic modeling at the Canadian Business Journal, Elzan John Gold Project, Argentina

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