Rover Metals announces previously reported increase in intervals in Andrew Zone, Cabin Gold Project, Northwest Territories, Canada, Canadian Business Journal

Vancouver, British Columbia, February 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rover Metals Corp. (TSXV: ROVR) (OTCQB: ROVMF) (FSE: 4XO) (“”Rover” or “societyIn addition to the January 13, 2022 release, we are pleased to report that the mineralization of gold in the Andrew Zone extends beyond the intervals of the primary sulfide of the drill core. We are pleased to receive a new sample from the lab in December 2021 and report longer mineralization intervals in Andrew Zone South and Andrew Zone North.

Andrew Zone South
We are currently reporting the following important intervals:

  • 1.64 g / tAu 7.4m (From 63.1m to 70.5m) in the hole CL-21-25Or an increase of about 5m from the previously reported spacing.
  • 2.3m 1.21g / t Au (From 53.0m to 55.3m) Close to the surface of the hole CL-21-25;
  • 4.5m 2.62g / t Au (From 50.4m to 55.1m) in the hole CL-21-24 (Previously reported 2.91 g / t Au 3.9 m);

Updated sections of the holes in CL-21-24 and CL-21-25 will be available on the Rover website in the coming days.

Andrew Zone North
We are currently reporting the following important intervals:

  • 1.88 g / tAu 6.4m (From 37.6m to 44.0m) CL-21-29 hole, or about 3m increase to previously reported spacing

Judson Culter, CEO of Rover Metals, said: A follow-up drill is needed to depict this zone even deeper. “

Updated table of important drill results

hole Sample ID from To interval Au g / t zone
CL-21-24 Y031579 50.37 51.00 0.63 0.78 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748102 51.00 51.50 0.50 2.77 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748103 51.50 52.01 0.51 0.15 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748104 52.01 52.76 0.75 1.57 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748105 52.76 53.10 0.34 3.63 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748106 53.10 53.41 0.31 5.16 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748107 53.41 53.80 0.39 1.79 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748108 53.80 54.20 0.40 3.57 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748109 54.45 54.77 0.32 6.11 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748110 54.77 55.12 0.35 4.93 Andrew South
hole Sample ID from To interval Au g / t zone
CL-21-25 V748125 53.00 53.45 0.45 1.64 Andrew South
CL-21-25 Y031568 53.45 53.96 0.51 0.22 Andrew South
CL-21-25 Y031569 53.96 54.72 0.76 1.95 Andrew South
CL-21-25 Y031570 54.72 55.26 0.54 0.75 Andrew South
CL-21-25 Y031571 63.07 63.51 0.44 0.06 Andrew South
CL-21-25 Y031572 63.51 63.95 0.44 3.39 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748126 63.95 64.25 0.30 0.73 Andrew South
CL-21-25 Y031577 64.25 64.80 0.58 0.30 Andrew South
CL-21-25 Y031573 64.80 65.42 0.62 1.17 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748127 65.42 65.88 0.46 1.72 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748128 65.88 66.18 0.30 0.22 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748129 66.18 66.58 0.40 2.16 Andrew South
CL-21-25 Y031574 66.58 67.09 0.51 0.18 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748130 67.09 67.39 0.30 4.01 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748131 67.39 67.76 0.37 0.41 Andrew South
CL-21-25 Y031575 67.76 68.00 0.24 0.12 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748132 68.00 68.35 0.35 0.50 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748133 68.35 68.68 0.33 0.64 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748134 68.68 68.98 0.30 1.59 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748135 68.98 69.68 0.70 4.27 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748136 69.82 70.12 0.30 1.07 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748137 70.12 70.46 0.34 5.55 Andrew South
hole Sample ID from To interval Au g / t zone
CL-21-29 V748153 37.60 38.00 0.40 2.72 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748154 38.00 38.40 0.40 4.75 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748155 38.4 38.70 0.30 1.18 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748156 38.70 39.10 0.40 4.83 Andrew North
CL-21-29 Y031583 39.10 39.37 0.27 0.39 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748158 39.37 39.71 0.34 1.31 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748159 39.71 40.09 0.38 5.61 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748160 40.09 40.39 0.30 4.43 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748161 40.39 40.82 0.43 0.60 Andrew North
CL-21-29 Y031589 40.82 41.70 0.88 1.06 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748162 41.70 42.01 0.31 1.48 Andrew North
CL-21-29 Y031589 42.01 42.25 0.24 1.06 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748165 42.97 43.37 0.40 0.92 Andrew North
CL-21-29 Y031585 43.37 44.00 0.63 0.47 Andrew North

Half of the drill core is sent to ALS Global Laboratories (ALS), crushed to less than 2 mm, and 250 g is crushed into -75 µm (200 #). ALS is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. 30g changes are fire analyzed and analyzed using a gold AAS finish.

All intervals are reported as drill core intervals and should be considered as apparent thickness, as the actual thickness of the intervals reported here has not been calculated. The program’s gold average is reported as a weighted average.

The technical information in this news release is for Rover’s technical advisor and qualified personnel David White, P. Geo, for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101. Approved by.

About Rover Metal
Rover is a precious metal exploration company specializing in precious metal resources in North America and is currently driving the gold potential of existing projects in the Northwest Territories of Canada (60).th parallel). We completed Phase 2 exploration in 2021 with the 100% owned Cabin Gold Project (“Cabin”). Our secondary asset, the Uptown Gold Project (which retains 25% ownership), has also seen the phase complete. 2 Exploration drilling at Q4-2021, and results are expected at Q1-2022. We plan to launch a Phase 3 exploration program in the cabin in March of this year.

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On behalf of the board
“Judson Carter”
Chief Executive Officer and Director

For more information, please contact:
Phone number: +1 (778) 754-2617

Statement of information on future prospects

This news release contains statements that make up the Forward-Looking Statement. Such forward-looking statements are largely such that Rover’s actual results, performance or outcomes, or industry developments are expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements as expected outcomes, performances, or outcomes. It includes known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors that can cause different causes. statement. Forward-looking statements are not historical facts and are not always, but generally “expect”, “plan”, “expect”, “believe”, “intend”, “estimate”. , A description identified by the word “project”. “Possible” and similar expressions, or the expression “occurs”, “occurs”, “possible”, “possible”, or “must occur” for an event or condition. There is no guarantee that such statements will be proven to be accurate. Actual results and future events may differ materially from those expected in such statements, and readers should be careful not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. For some reason, actual results may differ materially from Rover’s expectations. Rover undertakes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements if management’s beliefs, estimates, opinions, or other factors change.

The forward-looking information contained in this news release represents the company’s expectations as of the date of this news release and is therefore subject to change after that date. Readers should not overemphasize information about future prospects and should not rely on this information as of any other date. The company may choose, but does not promise to update this information at any particular time unless required by applicable law.

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Rover Metals announces previously reported increase in intervals in Andrew Zone, Cabin Gold Project, Northwest Territories, Canada, Canadian Business Journal

Source link Rover Metals announces previously reported increase in intervals in Andrew Zone, Cabin Gold Project, Northwest Territories, Canada, Canadian Business Journal

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