Rourke shines again and Lions beat Redblacks to improve 3-0

Ottawa-Nathan Rourke responded to the hype on Thursday night when a young Canadian quarterback led BC Lions to their third straight title with a 34-31 decision against Ottawa Redblacks at TD Place Stadium.

Rourke finished the game with 359 yards, two pass touchdowns, one rush TD and two intercepts, 23 of the 351 passes at the beginning of his career.

Jeremiah Masoli of Ottawa found that the effect of 13 to 26 at 159 yards in one rush TD was much lower as the Red Blacks dropped their third close quarters on many outings.

The Red Blacks are the first players to keep the undefeated Lions (3-0-0) below 40 points this season.

Following 14-6 to start the second half, the Red Blacks gained momentum as the money hunter intercepted Roke and ran the ball to the Lions’ 16-yard line. After three plays, William Powell played the first game of the season and ran with a five-yard touchdown. Ottawa has not recorded touchdowns throughout the last nine quarters. Two penalties and three two-point attempts were a 14-14 draw.

With BC’s next possession, the hunter came up with another intercept and returned the ball 56 yards to the Lions’ 7-yard line. Masori ran 6 yards and punched with a 1 yard TD. Luis Ward made a rare mistake by the convert, with Ottawa leading 20-14.

Ward misses only six of his 46 career change attempts.

The lead didn’t last long as Rourke connected to Keon Hatcher with a 71-yard TD pass and the converts regained the 21-20 lead.

After James Butler finished a six-play sequence with a five-yard run in the end zone, BC filled the lead and gave the Lions a 28-20 lead in the fourth quarter.

Ward added a 38-yard field goal in the middle of the fourth, but Shaun White had a 32-yard and 15-yard field goal for the Lions to reach 34-23.

At the last moment of play, Pass Interference Call and Caleb Evans punched in the TD, allowing the Red Blacks to go down the field and reach the one-yard line. With a two-point conversion, it was 34-31, with 29 seconds remaining.

Roke established his presence early on. Last week, the Red Blacks handed over their first roke on the opening drive after having no two outs.

With BC’s next possession, Rourke ran with a 50-yard touchdown in his third and short gambling, leading 7-0.

Roke connected with Hatcher in the second quarter, leading the Lions to Ottawa’s three-yard line. After that, James Butler ran on an 8-yard TD to 14-3.

Ottawa’s first half score was off the field goals of 35 and 28 yards from the ward.

Rourke shines again and Lions beat Redblacks to improve 3-0

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