Rough riders gather in the second half and electric shock Alouette

Regina — The Saskatchewan Ruff Riders won a powerful 41-20 CFL in the second half of the match against Montreal Alouettes at Mosaic Stadium on Saturday.

The riders dragged 13-11 in half-time, but recorded a touchdown with their first three belongings in the third quarter, leading 32-13. Jamal Morrow on a 12-yard run, Cody Fajardo on a 1-yard quarterback sneak, and Kian Schaefer Baker on a 44-yard reception won a Saskatchewan major.

After Morrow’s touchdown, the two-point conversion attempt failed, but after Fajardo’s touchdown, Morrow succeeded in two-point conversion. Following Shafer Baker’s touchdown, the rider kicked the convert.

Morrow played an impressive game, winning 103 yards with 16 carries. This was Morrow’s second 100-yard game of the young season after he defeated Edmonton Elks 26-16 on June 18 and recorded a 126-yard rush with a 17-carry.

Cornerback Nick Marshall sealed the rider’s victory with a 90-yard passcut return with a touchdown of four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Fajardo connected with Morrow with a two-point conversion, increasing Saskatchewan’s lead to 41-20.

Riders, who lost 37-13 to Montreal’s Alouette on June 23, also received an eight-yard touchdown reception from Mitchell Picton in the first quarter. Kicker Brett Lauser added a 57-yard field goal. This was the effort to best connect his career. PunterKaare Vedvik had a 41 yard single.

The Riders had six sack that day, with Anthony Lanier leading the charge with three. Pete Robertson (2) and AC Leonardo (1) also had sack for the rider. Robertson leads the CFL with seven sack.

Chandler Worthy, who took 88 yards of the opening kick-off of the match on June 23 with a touchdown, returned an 84-yard kick-off with a touchdown in the first quarter of the game on Saturday.

Walter Fletcher, who took over the running back after Montreal starter Jessrun Antowi was injured early in the second half, scored a three-yard run in the middle of the third quarter. David Court scored two field goals in Montreal, 18 yards and 38 yards.

This was a penalty-filled game in which Saskatchewan penalized 16 penalties at 155 yards and Montreal penalized 12 penalties at 105 yards.

3-1 Riders will return to action when hosting the Ottawa Redblacks on July 8th. One to three Alouettes head for Goodbye Week before hosting Elx on July 14th.

Rough riders gather in the second half and electric shock Alouette

Source link Rough riders gather in the second half and electric shock Alouette

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