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Romanian project Crypto.ro “shutdown” on Wall Street before launching Crypto.ro Academy.

The Crypto.ro team recorded exclusive content for their latest financial education project, the Crypto.ro Academy, which will launch on October 11th on Wall Street, the famous financial center of New York.

The platform provides access to in-depth courses on cryptocurrencies, the metaverse, crypto games, and NFTs.

The need for on-the-job training is very high. There are few course providers, and people’s interest in cryptography is high.

New cryptocurrencies have brought many innovations that are revolutionizing where we live, especially the financial sector, but the industry is riddled with criminals trying to scam novice investors. Therefore, before learning how to make money from cryptocurrencies, many people first need to learn how not to lose money.

On Wall Street, a Romanian successfully filmed for 60 minutes in front of the New York Stock Exchange, near a bull symbolizing a rising market. Given that the crypto market is going through a period of decline, this place seems out of place. However, Crypto.ro founder and CEO Alex Numeris strongly believes the industry will continue to grow.

“Right now, the market is undergoing a classic, healthy correction, offering one of the last chances to make a life-changing investment. Alex Numeris said.

Other locations in New York that the team shot from July 28th to August 20th were the Solana Spaces store and the Web 3 Gallery. The Crypto.ro team also visited He FTX Arena, a sports and entertainment arena located in Miami. The content created will be integrated into modules within the Crypto.ro Academy.

Similar shoots were done by teams from the United Arab Emirates, Italy and Romania.

Registration in the Academy can be done on the official website academy.crypto.ro.

Crypto.ro Academy is different from traditional outdated and boring educational platforms

The platform Crypto.ro is about to launch offers an exciting alternative to the traditional education system, which is often boring, overly complicated and provides outdated information.

This was also why Numeris decided to drop out of college and move to the United States.

“I realized that I didn’t have the right environment to develop myself.” explained the trader.

Activities within the Academy will be conducted online in English and Romanian, with attendees having access to modules they can access at any time, covering a wide range of cryptocurrency themes and topics.

The launch of this educational project introduces Romania to some of the countries where such platforms have been launched. The crypto.ro academy will debut shortly after the launch of the school of crypto-his in the form of a Minecraft-type video game in the metaverse. The School of Block project is the result of a collaboration between crypto hardware wallet provider Ledger and the Swipe Back agency.

Alex Nummeris used the ‘power of cryptocurrencies’ to become a millionaire

He said he was “born and raised poor” but used “the power of cryptocurrencies” to become a millionaire.

Now Alex Numeris wants to contribute to the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world.

“We created the Crypto.ro Academy to guide novice investors towards educating and investing in cryptocurrencies. I am inspired to do so and share my five years of experience in this academy, ”explained the Romanian investor.

For Numeris, New York is a second home. The Crypto.ro founder lived in the great American financial center for seven years before returning to Romania and launching several startups there.

Romanian project Crypto.ro “shutdown” on Wall Street before launching Crypto.ro Academy.

Source link Romanian project Crypto.ro “shutdown” on Wall Street before launching Crypto.ro Academy.

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