Robert Thurber Begins Sale Process for Sands and Mercury

Phoenix Suns owner Robert Thurber was recently handed a one-year suspension by the NBA for workplace misconduct.

“As a person of faith, I believe in atonement and a path to forgiveness. I was hoping it would give me time to get rid of it.I love my fans,” he wrote in a statement.

“But in our current inexorable circumstances it has become painfully clear that this is no longer possible. The process of finding buyers for Suns and Mercury.”

The NBA imposed a one-year suspension and a $10 million fine after an investigation found he was involved in what the league calls “workplace misconduct and organizational flaws.”

The league’s report findings show the NBA has told the law firm it has a history of racist, misogynist and hostile incidents during Thurber’s nearly 20-year tenure overseeing the franchise. It came almost a year after I asked him to investigate the allegations that he had

The report said Thurber “repeated or claimed to have repeated the N-word at least five times during his tenure at Sands,” but the investigation found that “Thurber used this racially insensitive term as an insult or It was not found to have been used for slanderous purposes,” he added. .”

The study also concluded that servers used demeaning language toward female employees. This includes telling pregnant employees that they will not be able to work after becoming a mother. She made off-color comments and jokes about gender and anatomy. Yelling at and cursing employees in ways that would be considered bullying “under workplace standards.”

The league said it would donate $10 million “to organizations committed to tackling racial and gender-based issues inside and outside the workplace.”

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Robert Thurber Begins Sale Process for Sands and Mercury

Source link Robert Thurber Begins Sale Process for Sands and Mercury

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