Rob Lowe clears his sinuses for Thanksgiving to the new “hot”

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Chicken wings are not comparable to Rob Lowe.

This week, a former “Parks and Recreation” star will appear in a new episode of “Hot Ones,” looking back on his career and chopping up very spicy wings.

“I like food that cleans all sinuses,” Rowe jokes first before eating a bite.

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Given the type of interview, host Shaun Evans asks about James Gandolfini’s claim that eating Tony Soprano made him more human.

Rowe explains that in most movies and television shows, actors only “eat fake”, but Tony Soprano did not.

“The whole character was supposed to eat like a slob. This is one of the best performances ever,” he says.

Meanwhile, Rowe actually handles the heat from the first few wings quite well, so Evans asks him about comedy theory.

“If you don’t want to look stupid in comedy, don’t worry,” the actor says. “And the more idiots I look like, the more I like it.”

He points out that Evans’s eyes are sprinkling water while still dry, as he continues to have hot chicken wings, but it changes as soon as the second half.

“If this were a regular show, it would be like’powder me’,” says Rowe. His own eyes begin to water and sweat.

After a short drink of the infamous source Da Bomb, Rowe shouts, “Is f ** k happening?” “It was fine, fine, and killing you,” he adds.

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Eventually his tongue actually begins to paralyze, urging him to say, “I honestly haven’t done a bit” while he blurs his words.

However, Rowe quickly adapts well to the heat, but he tries to have as little final source on his wings as possible.

“I’m trying to do as much as I can,” he says, and then eats a bite. “I will get off.”

But he did it and urged Evans to ask all the important Thanksgiving questions: Do you like apples, pumpkins, or pecan pies?

“All of them,” says Rowe. “It’s Sophie’s choice.”

Rob Lowe clears his sinuses for Thanksgiving to the new “hot”

Source link Rob Lowe clears his sinuses for Thanksgiving to the new “hot”

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