Rob Kardashian testifies that he was at the “weakest, worst point” when he reached out to Blac Chyna.

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Rob Kardashian finally stood on Wednesday to testify against him and his family in a proceeding filed by his ex-Black China.

Rob was asked by China’s lawyer, Lin Siani, about her relationship with China and the threats she had made to Rob’s sister, Kylie Jenner, before she began dating.

Rob testified that China personally threatened Kylie on social media, claiming: [Kylie].. As I said, I don’t know the details. I know she threatened my sister, and that’s it. “

Kylie evoked a relationship with China’s ex-taiga at the time, and the relationship between Rob and China began shortly thereafter.

When asked why he started talking to China, who allegedly threatened his sister, Rob pointed out that he was not married at college and said he was reaching out to many women. .. “

“I was probably in the worst place in my life, and I was at my weakest, worst point to reach out to her. I was in the hospital with diabetes and ketoacidosis, and it’s me It was when we linked, “he said. “So she threatened my sister and all these things, and she was reaching out to me, and was the one who brought me, and at my lowest point, I A family who talked to her and chose to ignore all my bad things. I ignored them. “

He also alleged that he had committed both physical and oral abuse cases against him before Chyna disbanded, and testified to him that it showed him how their connection was a problem. bottom.

“Looking at it now, I had this woman put my gun on my head several times,” he insisted. “It’s a toxic relationship. From the first day of shooting.”

“I was sleeping in a driveway car, waiting to enter the house,” he added. “I strangled someone and beat someone. It’s not a family. It’s not love for me.”

The alleged quarrel took place in December 2016, after “Rob & Chyna” gave a green light in the second season. They celebrated, shared photos and videos on social media, and threw money around the house. At some point, Rob claims that things have turned into violence, and despite the images shown in social media posts, he doesn’t think they were really happy.

When asked about the video they posted, and if the video portrays them as a happy couple, Rob said, “Well, she later put a gun on my head, so we Was obviously not happy. “

“There is no happiness here … obviously this was not a happy time,” he said.

In an allegation of quarrel that night, Rob had previously deposited that China tried to wrap a phone charging cable around her neck and strangle her, and that she hit him with a metal stick or stick. Insisted.

When asked about his recollections of China’s attack, Rob testified:Yes, there were some [hits].. “

Rob testified that he had been hit with a metal rod only once, but said she wasn’t the first to hit him. Rob said she was convinced she had hit him with a metal instrument with all her might, and after being hit several times, he left home and did not retaliate. “I’m not going to hit a woman,” Rob said.

Cina stood on the stand on April 20, wrapping a cable around Rob’s neck and wearing an unloaded pistol on her head, saying it was all a joke.

Recalling the charging cord incident, Chyna seems to have finished the couple’s celebration to get Rob’s attention, instead after starting to play a video game, grab the cord and neck in a playful way. I testified that I wrapped it around. The method was to strangle him. She also claimed that there was no struggle during the “playful” case.

Regarding the gun incident, Chyna testified that Rob knew he had a gun on his bedroom dresser, but claimed that the gun was not loaded. China jokingly enters the video Hangouts frame while Rob is having dinner and Face Timing with her few friends, and if he leaves her, gives him her gun as a stupid threat. Insisted on pointing. China claimed to have been just stupid with Rob and his friends. Cina denied hitting Rob with a fist or a metal instrument.

In his testimony on Wednesday, Rob said: [her put a gun] Strangler fig on my head, scratch me, hit me. No, it wasn’t a playful attack. “

Later that night, Rob said he hired a full-time guard and removed Chyna’s name from the gatelist. Rob testified, “She pointed her gun at my head and hired a full-time guard to protect me from her.”

When asked about a video of Rob and China being together at the New Year’s party the day after the quarrel, Rob said he was under pressure to go to the event and wasn’t happy with being with China.

“I’m very anxious about my body and I’ve gained weight. I don’t like leaving home because it confuses me. She kicked me out of the house, she pushed me out. I went to pick him up. I left home for dinner, “Rob later added,” he wasn’t happy to help draw an untrue image. “

Rob also reiterated the claims made by Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner, claiming that Taiga had told him in a previous relationship that China had tried to kill him in the past. Taiga and China share a 9-year-old son, King Cairo.

The alleged quarrel was more than a month after Rob and China met Dream, the daughter of a five-year-old baby.

Chyna filed a $ 100 million lawsuit in 2017, nominating Rob Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner as defendants. The document states that as a form of “revenge” for leaving Rob, “the Kardashian Jenner family became media predators, polluted her on her social media, and killed her hit television show.” It was claimed.

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Rob Kardashian testifies that he was at the “weakest, worst point” when he reached out to Blac Chyna.

Source link Rob Kardashian testifies that he was at the “weakest, worst point” when he reached out to Blac Chyna.

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