RJ Cyler on the importance of showing male vulnerabilities: “We haven’t been told it’s okay.”

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RJ Cyler considers showing vulnerabilities in male friendship to be one of the rarest and most influential themes in his latest flick “emergency.”

“It exists, but it’s not assigned to young men,” Siler tells ET Canada. “I feel that a man’s tender personality is like perfecting him. I’ve already talked about protectors, providers, and survivors, but it’s okay for a man to be a perfect human being. I feel like it’s taught that there is no femininity in masculinity, but that’s the block that underpins what our masculinity is. “

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“To show that it’s important among three friends is because it’s the way all male groups are with each other,” he added. “We aren’t told it’s okay, but if you can’t tell your peers that you love him, it may feel like you don’t love him. It’s about having bromance, not about how men feel about each other. “

Sebastian Chacon reiterated Siler’s comment by pointing out how unusual characters on the screen exemplify these types of personality traits.

“I think it’s something of a movie you don’t generally watch,” Chacon said. “When you have a really big challenge to overcome, it ends with you having to overcome it. This movie has a chapter where two people sit and ask,” How are you feeling? ” You need to see how they actually affected them and actually deal with their emotional weights. “

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“Emergency” is the story of Kunle (Donald Elise Watkins), a college senior who embarks on a spectacular night at a spring holiday party, and his best friend Sean (Siler). Sean plans an overnight, including all the parties they hit on the “Legendary Tour.” Kunle is down, but his acceptance of Princeton is affecting the results, so he is primarily interested in ending the mold experiment in his lab. They returned to their apartment before the match and learned that roommate Carlos (Chacon) had left the door open. As they enter with fear, Sean and Kunle discover a drunken, semi-conscious white woman on the floor and an unaware Carlos who hasn’t heard her come to a video game ringing in her ears. Kunle wants to call the policeman, but Sean violently opposes the idea of ​​what the policeman would look like when he appeared and saw two black men, a Latin man and a deceased white woman. There is.

Carlos, Sean, and Kunle together have the nickname Goldilocks, but instead of loading a girl whose real name is Emma (Madini Cols) into Sean’s van and calling the police, she takes her to a safe place. The purpose is to go. Meanwhile, Emma’s sister, Maddy (Sabrina Carpenter), realizes that Emma has left the party they were in and begins looking for her in a drunken panic using her phone location on Emma. What follows is a chaotic, cheerful, tense chase throughout the city, while trying to keep Emma safe, while the trio are working on their differences.

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“As a viewer, you may be in Carlos’s head, or in Donald’s head as we have to resolve this, or as this is a disaster. Sometimes it’s in Sean’s head. It’s dangerous, “Chacon said. “So you can really see each perspective of one individual through all three of us.”

“I think it’s going to be really interesting. Depending on who you look at, some people may find it scary and horror, others just laugh. Then let someone you like see you. You can, “Are you looking at this now?” Or “Why don’t they just call a policeman?” And it starts a conversation and rolls the ball, “Watkins added. .. “We feel like we’re giving gummy candies, but they’re like medicine, but because they’re in the form of candies, people don’t really understand it, and they do.” Wait a minute. I’m still talking about this movie two weeks later. “

The film doesn’t seek the right answer to the big question surrounding whether three college roommates should call the police from the beginning, but with conversations in all the different scenarios, the actor is always filming when not filming. I’m busy with the set.

“We talked, but you can’t reach an agreement because you never know,” Watkins said.

Amazon Studios “Emergency” will be screened in theaters on May 20th and will be streamed on Prime Video on May 27th.

RJ Cyler on the importance of showing male vulnerabilities: “We haven’t been told it’s okay.”

Source link RJ Cyler on the importance of showing male vulnerabilities: “We haven’t been told it’s okay.”

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