Rizzo responds to rumors of Harry Styles collaboration with her new album

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Rizzo clears up rumors about special guests on her next album.

In The Spout Podcast, the singer talked about her new music and her mission to change the perception of the industry’s body image.

She has been working hard on her new album specialHer hit “About Damn Time” was actually the last song she wrote, even though she wrote the song just two months ago.

“I felt urgent,” she said. “I wrote the song like it was two months ago. Just in case, I’ve been working on this album for three years, so this is technically literally written for this album. It was the last song and I felt like I released it right now. The world needs this. I need this now. How much this song we have experienced as people and personally. , And how we need to refuel, celebrate our survival, and take the time to celebrate our lives. “

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The internet is already talking about the long-awaited album, and even rumors that Reso will collaborate with something like Harry Styles, who recently dueted at Coachella, with new music.

“It’s very interesting. The internet goes to the internet. That’s all I say about it,” she said in response to rumors.

However, Styles is not the only celebrity that is said to be in the spotlight. Fans also suspect that Rizzo’s Crash Chris Evans will also appear.

“I literally hit him and seemed to play the piano on my album, and he just said’haha’, she revealed. “It would have been really cool, but unfortunately this time it wasn’t.”

She had to shoot down the rumors, but Rizzo promises fans special It’s still full of “really good music”.

“I think people are really surprised that there are so many love songs on this album,” she said.

The singer recently made it to television on her reality show, Watch Out For The Big Grrrls, which won the number one slot on Prime Video. The show continues to preach the message of her receptiveness, which is part of why she thinks it is so successful.

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“I think it’s because of the story,” Rizzo explained. “I couldn’t find a better person to represent a big girl. They are very talented, very beautiful, and very vulnerable. And, as you know, vulnerabilities are no one these days. I think it looks like a bulls t detector. For example, you can read through the bulls t. And I don’t think any of these girls are bullish. All these girls are 100% It’s real. And I think people really have something to do with it. “

After years of struggling with self-awareness, Rizzo wanted to be able to create space for others to love himself.

“I worked hard for years. Lots of prayers, meditation, therapy, books, loneliness, tears, midnight, anxiety, and stress. And it was hard. And I, without the pain I experienced. I wanted to be an artist who could make roads and lanes so that people could find unconditional self-love more easily, “she added. “I want to make it easier to love myself for the next generation and not even talk to one day. It happens naturally.”

Listen to the full interview with “The Spout Podcast”.

Rizzo responds to rumors of Harry Styles collaboration with her new album

Source link Rizzo responds to rumors of Harry Styles collaboration with her new album

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