“RHOC” star Vicky Gunbarson accuses former fiancé Steve Lodge of cheating

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Vicky Gunvalson accuses her ex-fiancée of being unfaithful. Alum, a 59-year-old “real housewife in Orange County,” was accused when fellow Bravo Rebriti Tamara Judge posted a message of support on Instagram after Gambarson split from Steve Lodge. In a statement to the ET, the lodge called Gambarson’s accusation an “absolute lie.”

“Get out of @ vickigunvalson’s bed and make a fuss. I hate seeing you so sad. No one is worth it, especially after being told you found last night!” The judge wrote partly. “You are beautiful, strong, and wise! Don’t let anyone say anything different.”

One fan went to the comments section and asked for “diats” about the situation. The lodge, who previously ran for Governor of California, said it “looked very healthy and good” to Gambarson.

“He used me, he lied to me, he was dating 36 years old and he wasn’t portraying himself,” Gambarson replied. “Christians do not do what they do.”

The judge then replied to Gambarson’s comment, which was all ” [Lodge was] Use your followers to sleep in your bed running for the governor. “

In another comment, Gambarson added: He flaunts around my town with OCs he makes in public places. It’s disgusting. “

In a statement to ET following Gambarson’s allegations, the lodge said: But I’m not surprised. She shouldn’t drag Tamura or anyone else into her lies. “

Gambarson only confirmed her division in September 2021, but the lodge showed a different timeline for their division.

“Vicky and I ended our engagement and relationship in December 2020. I did this verbally and explained it to her in writing,” the lodge said in a statement to ET. “We haven’t had a close relationship since September 2020.”

“I’ve been living in Puerto Vallarta in my condo instead of her since the beginning of 2021,” he continued. “We remained friends, but it was clear that Vicky still wanted more. I said it was impossible. I wanted to continue my life. But Vicky couldn’t do that. I’m sorry Vicky couldn’t accept this, but it was time. “

The lodge concludes, “I still hope she’s all the best.”

In response to the lodge’s statement, one source told ET that politicians were “creating a completely wrong timeline.”

“He didn’t live in Mexico, he lived in Vicky’s house in California,” sources said. “But after all, Vicky has to let go of this. Steve isn’t worth it.”

Gambarson and the lodge were engaged in April 2019 after three years of dating. The reality star was previously married to Michael J. Wolfsmith from 1982 to 1991 and to Dongun Valson from 1994 to 2014.

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Couple split in 2021

“RHOC” star Vicky Gunbarson accuses former fiancé Steve Lodge of cheating

Source link “RHOC” star Vicky Gunbarson accuses former fiancé Steve Lodge of cheating

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