Responsive Group Inc chose Welbi to enhance the resident’s experience in long-term care. TheCanadianBusiness Journal

Ottawa and Markham, Ontario, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —Responsive Group Inc, Ontario’s leading senior citizens’ life management organization, said it chose Welbi’s residential experience platform to improve its long-term care community. Announced. Welbi’s innovative platform is used by responsive program teams to help provide a unique life experience while reducing administrative burden. Responsive residents will benefit from offering programs tailored to their interests, hobbies and needs, and teams will have access to time-saving tools so they can spend more time with them.

Cristinade Santis, Vice President of Performance Improvement and Innovation at Responsive Group Inc, said: It provides the personality of each LTC resident and the experience of daily life that reflects the same. “

Welbi’s innovative platform provides the post-retirement life support and long-term care community with tools to improve the resident experience. Welbi’s unique assessment tools and real-time analysis help recreation teams identify trends and gaps, enabling them to develop and evaluate programming to engage their population in social activities.

“Welbi’s platform not only leverages personal tastes, likes and dislikes to create and realize a personalized recreation calendar, but more importantly, care teams for personal information, or” people “information. Share with each member of the group to ensure meaningful communication at all times. “DeSantis explains. “We plan to work together to deepen and accelerate the learning and understanding process of the inhabitants ….. High five for high tech!”

Within a few weeks, Welbi has already become an indispensable tool in the responsive community. “One of our department’s goals is to focus on personalized care when programming for residents. Welbi is now an important tool for achieving this goal.” Wellington Park Program Manager Sherry Dia said.

As the senior living industry grows to meet growing demand, the role of recreation teams is the driving force behind resident health and the quality of life. The International Council for Active Aging (ICAA) has found that a strong wellness program enhances the quality of life of residents and is a major factor for older people in choosing communities. However, recreation teams often face large administrative workloads, older tools, and inadequate means of tracking the individual recreational needs and needs of residents.

“The responsive vision of creating a community where people of all ages achieve everything can be perfectly aligned with our beliefs. At Welbi, we believe that each resident deserves a personalized experience. Everyone deserves to understand and provide an experience that reflects their desires, “said Elizabeth Eaudette Bourdeaux, CEO and co-founder of Welbi. “This partnership will take us one step further towards the goal of pushing the boundaries of the resident experience and eliminating all-purpose services in the elderly living community.”

Welbi’s technology has been recognized by AGE-WELL, the Ontario Brain Institute, the Center for Aging + Brain Health Innovation, and the Center for Senior Citizens Research at Sheridan University. The company has experienced exponential growth in North America over the past year as it needs to participate in the elderly living community after the blockade of COVID-19.

About Welbi

Welbi uses state-of-the-art recreation platforms to help the elderly living community provide outstanding and unique living experiences. The award-winning, user-friendly software automates hundreds of hours of management tasks while allowing recreation teams to gain a deeper overall understanding of residents, improving quality of life and occupancy. For more information, please visit:

About Responsive Group Inc.

The Responsive Group is a privately owned organization with a comprehensive portfolio of services including elderly housing and care facility management, consulting, mentoring and restructuring services. They currently operate 19 care facilities and 15 elderly housing in Ontario. The Responsive Group is recognized as a leader in lasting partnerships that support the creation of practical and innovative processes and programs, as well as the healthy choices of older people.

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Terence One
Welbi Marketing Officer
Phone number: 613-777-2725

Nicola Major
Responsive Group Inc. Vice President of Cultural Communication
Phone number: 416-479-4345 Extension number 245

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Responsive Group Inc chose Welbi to enhance the resident’s experience in long-term care. TheCanadianBusiness Journal

Source link Responsive Group Inc chose Welbi to enhance the resident’s experience in long-term care. TheCanadianBusiness Journal

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