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According to Osborne, the barriers to buying insurance stem from the misconception that the process is very elicited and costly.

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“We created a digital-first brand to overcome these barriers so that millennials can get insurance within minutes,” she said. “A streamlined process has simplified the overall usability experience for end users.”

Digitization is important, but now the platform also includes features such as booking with licensed agents, so those unfamiliar with insurance can get the help they need throughout the application process.

“It’s a digital-first experience, but it’s also an experience where you can talk to someone to ensure proper coverage,” Osborne explained. “If an individual wants to self-service the entire process, we’ve included a simple quote and needs assessment tool to enable them to accurately assess what they need based on the nuances of their own risk profile.”

Millennials want ease of use and quick processing. This is achieved with today’s comprehensive digital platforms.

“We need to overcome the perceptions that exist today, and we designed the end-to-end experience with that in mind,” she added.

The organization will also continue to build on that concept, adding specific and free perks, such as a $ 50 rebate to fitness clubs and yoga classes when purchasing life products.

“We’ve learned that millennials also want to do business with companies that truly give back to the community in a meaningful way,” Osborne said. “It’s important for them to do business with brands that promise to make the world a better place.”

Mission-based businesses are those that can beat the poor demographics of this service. Backed by Teacher’s Life, it is now started by educators and works to give back in programs that make a difference.

“We’ve done a lot of research on what bold and meaningful things look like,” she explained. “We recently created a program called PressStart that focuses on printer support and the realization of that idea.”

Millennials keep reliability even higher, as much as they love ease of use and options.

Aggressively trying to close the insurance gaps that are clear in this demographic is multifaceted, and Osborne said that reliability as well as affordability must be kept in mind.

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“It’s about providing a very purposeful product that can be easily incorporated into millennial financial planning,” Osborne said. “By partnering with industry influencers who created branded content, we can also engage.”

Millennials are overwhelmed by student debt and the expensive housing market. Savings are a top priority compared to other generations. The industry needs to pay attention to their harsh economic realities and take the time to explain the benefits and affordability of their products.

“Educating the younger generation about financial literacy is very important and there are many companies trying to provide resources to provide an overview of what is available on the market,” she said.

Responding to Millennial Insurance Needs | Canada Insurance Business

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