Residents express concern over proposed solar plant near Kalmar

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The location of a proposed solar project in Leduc County was the primary concern raised by community members at the open house Tuesday night.

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The Voltarix Group, developers of the proposed Creekside Solar Project, will present a presentation outlining the project and address concerns raised by community members at an open house from 5-8pm at the Royal Canadian Region in Kalmar. I heard

The proposed site is about 0.8 kilometers south of Kalmar and spans 127.62 acres.

Darcy Doblanko was one of over 40 community members in attendance. He added that the topsoil was about 10 to 13 inches deep at the proposed location and that the soil was in good condition.

“At the end of the day, I think most of us want to move to places where the land is not so fertile. I think that’s the end game,” he said.

“We are in no way against green energy because we need to do something in our society. Put it on? I mean it’s crazy.

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Doblanko, a third-generation farmer south of Kalmar, said the proposed site is now growing canola and alfalfa.

“We are losing valuable farmland one at a time and we can never get it back,” says Doblanko.

Darcy DoBlanco poses questions at an open house held by Voltarix on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, about the Creekside Solar Project in Kalmar, in the Royal Canadian Legion, southwest of Edmonton. Solar projects are planned for outdoor RR 271 and TWN 494. of Kalmar in Leduc County.Photo by Ian Kucerak Photo by Ian Kucerak /post media

Richard Haas, managing director of the Voltarix Group, said the proposed site could power about 5,000 homes. He added that he has heard concerns from communities about protecting prime farmland.

“The Creekside Solar Project ensures that the soil beneath the project is not stripped from the site. The site is not subdivided for residential or commercial development and is not paved,” Haas said. said.

While many participants had concerns about the project, Haas said some farmers in the area were interested in grazing sheep on their property, while others were using solar panels. He said he is interested in using the small spaces between the rows for agricultural purposes.

Haas said in a renewable energy introduction report conducted by Alberta’s Environment and Parks, the project is classified as “low risk.” He added that soil contamination has been confirmed at the proposed site, but further testing is needed to assess the level of contamination.

An active substation was a plus for the proposed location, but Doblanko suggested using another location in an area with an active substation.

“There are substations further south and all these places with poor soil,” says Doblanko.

Residents express concern over proposed solar plant near Kalmar

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