Rescue wildlife and embrace badgers after Johnny Depp wins defamation trial

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Johnny Depp spent time playing with the rescued animals the day after the jury indemnified him for defamation against Amber Heard.

The Folly Wildlife Rescue Center in Kent, England, visited Facebook on Thursday to share a snapshot of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star hugging badgers at the facility.

“People who came to see us at Fally Wildlife Rescue, no, you’re not looking at things. That’s the real Johnny Depp!” The organization wrote with adorable photos. “As you may know, Johnny is on a UK tour with Patronage Jeff Beck, and during a recent break, Jeff’s wife Sandra brought him to visit us with wildlife. I saw the work with my own eyes. “

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According to the organization, Depp “visited the hospital’s care and veterinary units” and “incredibly free” the facility and its staff.

“To conclude our visit, we even gave him the unusual privilege of easily holding Freddie (like Mercury!), One of the many orphan badger pups currently kept by hand. “That concludes the post. “It’s no exaggeration to say that he’s crazy about all the experiences!”

Depp co-starred with Jeff Beck on a European tour of musicians in the UK, giving a surprise performance over the weekend prior to closing arguments in his attention-grabbing proceedings.

On Wednesday, after a total of 14 hours of deliberation over a three-day period, seven jury unanimously decided that 58-year-old Depp had been hard defamed and “acted with real malicious intent.”

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The jury has given Depp $ 10 million in compensatory damages and $ 5 million in punitive damages. However, Depp’s punitive damages have been reduced to $ 350,000 by Judge Penny Azkarate, according to state statutory limits.

The 36-year-old Haad was awarded $ 2 million by the jury for compensatory damages for her counterclaim, but nothing for punitive damages. The jury decided that Depp was responsible for her after his lawyer called Hard’s allegations a “hoax.”

Following the verdict, Depp used social media to react. In a statement posted on Instagram, Depp said the jury “regained my life” and “really humble.”

Rescue wildlife and embrace badgers after Johnny Depp wins defamation trial

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