Report: Princess Charlotte to receive royal titles once held by the Queen

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There was hope among royal watchers that King Charles would give Prince Edward the title of Duke of Edinburgh, which Prince Philip held until his death last year.

However daily mail reports that Charles has other plans for that particular title. It honors his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II.

“Debates are ongoing, but the desired outcome for the King is that the title should go to Princess Charlotte,” a royal source said. Post.

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Prior to the death of her father, King George VI, and her ascension to the throne, the Queen retained the title of Duchess of Edinburgh, as sources have noted.

“Of course it’s a fitting way to remember the Queen, who held the title Duchess of Edinburgh, and a way for Her Majesty to honor the line of succession,” the source added.

according to Post, Charlotte is now third in the line of succession, after her father, Prince William, and her brother, George. In 2013, the Succession to the Throne Act changed the previous rules regarding royal primogeniture, giving female royals the same rights as their male counterparts.If these rules had not changed, Charlotte would have given her was fourth behind his younger brother, Prince Louis.

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“Charlotte’s position is historically significant because she is the first female member of the royal family and her younger brother will not surpass the position of successor,” the source explained.

“Therefore, it is constitutionally significant to give Charlotte such a corresponding title, as it is not beyond the possibility that Charlotte will ascend the throne if, for example, Prince George has no children.”

The title of Duke of Edinburgh has only been granted three times in British royal history. The title was created by King George I in 1726 for his grandson Prince Frederick.

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The title was awarded again in 1866 when Queen Victoria made her second son, Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh. Then, in 1947, George VI bestowed the title on Prince Philip when he married Princess Elizabeth, and the couple became the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.

It is widely believed that Edward would be given the title after his father’s death, with sources close to the Earl of Wessex stating that Post It “did not go unnoticed” that Prince Charles had not yet given the title to his brother.

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As a result, discussions are reportedly underway to determine which title will be given to Edward.

“It shows what the king is thinking,” the source said, pointing to Charles’ plans to streamline and modernize the monarchy. It’s about promoting people.”

A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace declined to comment. Post report.

Report: Princess Charlotte to receive royal titles once held by the Queen

Source link Report: Princess Charlotte to receive royal titles once held by the Queen

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