Regina Firefighters, Police Watch Growing “Camp Marjorie”-Regina

The number of park tents in Regina’s Heritage District has continued to grow since the first tents were installed before the long Thanksgiving weekend.

On Wednesday, the people of Camp Marjorie were seen bunched up trying to stay warm from the rain and cold of the day.

According to Gavin Shigerkow, a homeless advocate staying at the camp, the camp is named after a homeless woman who died in Regina last week.

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Members of Regina Fire and Protective Services visited the campsite just before noon on Wednesday to perform inspection checks.

Siggelkow said he was looking for options to provide heat to camp members when temperatures began to drop.

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“We’re looking at all the ways and ways we can get the heat because we can dive under the blanket and stay warm, but that’s not yet less than 40,” says Siggelkow. I did.

“I don’t think the government will move fast enough to fix things before winter, so we’re looking at something as soon as possible.”

Firefighters are not the only ones watching the camp. Regina police officers also perform regular checks on the people living on the scene.

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Siggelkow said members of the Ministry of Social Welfare also stopped by to provide assistance, but not until after an event in the park where members of the Saskatchewan NDP asked the state government to suspend the new Saskatchewan on Tuesday. Said that. Among other attractions, the Income Support (SIS) program.

The camp started last Friday in Pepsi Park to help people affected by the homeless after the SIS went into effect.

After replacing the Saskatchewan Support Program (SAP) with the Provisional Employment Allowance (TEA), supporters say that housing funds are now properly sent to program users rather than landlords.

As a result, people are unable to pay their rent and are looking for shelter and food elsewhere.

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“We had 19 people on Tuesday night, so it’s growing,” says Siggelkow.

“There is a solution somewhere that can fix most of the problems. You can’t completely eliminate the homeless problem, but you can solve many problems and give people the right path.”

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According to the city of Regina, a feasibility study is underway on the potential of the new indoor pool.

Siggelkow said people are unloading bottled water, sandwich bags, donuts and other ready-made food and drinks, as no heat source or fire of any kind is allowed in the camp.

He admitted that kindness enhances their spirit.

“People were very generous in bringing food and supplies for us,” Siggelkow said.

“It really opened the eyes of many people and saw many people who care for them there. They are not the only ones here.”

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Regina Firefighters, Police Watch Growing “Camp Marjorie”-Regina

Source link Regina Firefighters, Police Watch Growing “Camp Marjorie”-Regina

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