Recount of justice withdrawn due to Calgary’s 4th district election results-Calgary

The results of District 4 in Calgary’s local elections are not subject to judicial recounting.

According to the coun. Sean Chu’s lawyer’s application for recounting was withdrawn by runner-up DJ Kelly.

“We accept his decision and do not charge legal costs,” Lamai Alvarez wrote in a letter.

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Kelly confirmed that he had withdrawn his application.

In a statement, he said the decision followed legal opinion from the Calgary City Legal Team and Judge Kent Davidson. He withdrew his application because the statement said the means to challenge LAEA were out of his reach.

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On November 10, Kelly applied for recounting after Election Calgary refused to apply for recounting.

At the time, Kelly said that pursuing a judicial recount had nothing to do with the CBC’s report of inadequacy of Chu with minors among police officers 20 years ago, but a difference of 100 votes. Said it was enough to justify the recount

“Regardless of whether recounting changes the outcome of the election, there is no way under current law to require recounting anywhere in Calgary and Alberta, where machines are used on election days,” Kelly said. I am. ..

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Kelly congratulated Chu for being reelected as a representative of District 4, saying that the inhabitants “deserve a strong and effective representative.”

Click to play video:'Councilor Sean Chu does not join Calgary's committee'

Councilor Sean Chu does not participate in Calgary’s committee

Councilor Sean Chu is not a member of the Calgary Commission – November 1, 2021

Chu’s lawyer said he believes the problem has been resolved and the election results are final.

“Councilor Chu looks forward to continuing to represent his community,” Alvarez wrote.

Official Calgary election results show that Chu won with 42.7 percent of the votes.

Trust in the system

Kelly said he would propose changes to the bill following what he learned about how voting machines affect recounting.

“Our democracy system needs to be trust-based, and the combination of this section of LAEA and the city’s choice to use schedules to achieve faster election results is by law electoral. It means that it is impossible to confirm the result, “he said. ..

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Professor Lisa Young of the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy said she was surprised to hear that the use of voting machines eliminated the possibility of recounting.

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“I think the elections are hoping that there is a way to verify the results, no matter how aggregated,” Young told Global News that the machine malfunctioned in the October 18 vote. He said he did not suggest that he was.

“But you can certainly imagine a situation where there might be such a claim, in which case you can manually recount to make sure things are counting correctly. need to do it.”

She said a judicially supervised recount would help instill confidence in the correct number of votes.

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“They have work to do”: HR experts join the Calgary Council controversy – October 22, 2021

“It’s one of those extra layers that rarely changes results, but it makes us believe that our democratic system is working as expected.”

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The city of Calgary first used the counting machines in the 2018 Olympic referendum, but 2021 was the first local elections in which they were used. Edmonton and Red Deer also use electronic ballot schedules, which were used in the Alberta elections in the 2017 Calgary Ruffheed by-elections.

Young said the use of electronic tabulation in Alberta’s local elections is a relatively new area, and changes in election law must be made at the state level.

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She said changes to these laws to allow judicial recounting of machine-counted votes could stop suspicion of the election process.

“It can lead to deep distrust of the technology and will certainly add cynicism and paranoid theories about what’s happening in the ballot counting,” Young said. ..

“That’s really worrisome.”

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Recount of justice withdrawn due to Calgary’s 4th district election results-Calgary

Source link Recount of justice withdrawn due to Calgary’s 4th district election results-Calgary

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