RCMP investigates allegations of assault, racism against nurses in Kamloops

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Kamloops Mounties is investigating after a nurse at Royal Inland Hospital said she was assaulted by a patient in the emergency room.

Arlene Tedjo told CTV that police were called because of the man’s behavior while working in the emergency department on Saturday, August 6.

Tedjo told CTV she woke the unresponsive patient and walked by the man shortly afterwards.

“The person deliberately waited for me to walk past and kicked my leg in an attempt to trip me,” Tello told CTV, noting that the man nearly punched a colleague.

“Where I stumbled, he said, ‘I don’t know how they do things in your country.’ Firstly, I am not from this country, my level of education and It was alluding to being racist against professionalism.”

Tello got angry and said he was insulted.

“First, because I’m Canadian and trained as a nurse in Canada,” she told CTV. “It shouldn’t matter if I was born here.”

The man was arrested and later released from custody with a court date.

Interior Health told KTW in an email that staff had received support on site and had completed their shifts.

“Procedures are in place to respond to such incidents and follow-up is ongoing,” Interior Health told KTW.

According to IH, following procedures for managing rude, aggressive, or violent behavior of visitors, staff led to the resolution of the incident in this case.

Kamloops RCMP spokesperson Crystal Evelyn said KTW police were called to the hospital just before noon on Saturday due to reports of a man allegedly assaulting two employees at the Royal Inland Hospital. Police found the suspect outside the hospital and arrested him. He was held in police custody and was later released on condition and court date pending approval of the conclusion of the police investigation and subsequent indictment.

Tello added that the incident was another example of the myriad of problems affecting the health care system, noting that just over half of the required staff were working at RIH’s ER last weekend.

Emergency rooms are busy with patients seeking treatment as British Columbia is short on nurses and doctors.

In response to questions from the newspaper about whether IH has plans to address security and staffing shortages at RIH in response to the incident, health officials responded in a statement.

“Our thoughts are with the staff members and IH ED. [emergency department] We thank the team as these incidents affect everyone at the site,” the statement read. “I am proud of the team that worked together to respond to this unfortunate incident. Nurses, doctors and staff are committed to providing safe services at the end of their shifts, just as a sick person has a right to medical care. We know you have the right to go home to your family. How to do that in a way that respects the safety and well-being of every individual is a challenge, and we use evidence-based practices to provide safe healthcare. and continue to investigate.”

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RCMP investigates allegations of assault, racism against nurses in Kamloops

Source link RCMP investigates allegations of assault, racism against nurses in Kamloops

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