Rachel Williams explains why she was attracted to Anna Delvey in a “red table talk”

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A true crime about the life and crime of Shonda Rhimes convicted scammer Anna Delvey after “Inventing Anna” The Netflix series re-engages “fake German heirs” in media sensations I did. He speaks in “Red Table Talk”.

In an exclusive preview of ET’s all-new episode, Williams reveals the trauma she experienced and the fallout that resulted from their “vacation from hell.” Lots of costs.

“Anna may be a little hard to read, and she was definitely unique. Everything was behind the scenes, which made me more sympathetic to her,” Williams said. Says. “Obviously, I don’t know how true it was. So I ask,” Do you talk a lot with your parents? “And she makes business arrangements beyond their close relationship. I will give you some explanations about what you have. Or ask her about her past friendships and she will explain why they are no longer so intimate. “

“It created what I’m seeing now as an artificial sense of intimacy,” she added. I’m special ‘”

Williams, who was once part of the scammer’s inner circle, explains that it was a “combination of vulnerability and grandeur” in the Delvey lifestyle that first wanted to attract her and become friends.

Delbay, whose real name is Anna Sorokin, later became known as the “fake German heir”. new york The magazine wrote a popular 2018 article revealing how she scammed parts of the city’s higher society, hotels, restaurants and banks between 2015 and 2017. And one of those victims was Williams. Their trip to Morocco.

Delbay was found guilty of theft in 2019 and sentenced to four to twelve years in prison, but did not have to repay his former friend. She was detained by ICE as she was finally released from prison in 2021 and was awaiting deportation for exceeding her visa.

Meanwhile, Williams released a memoir documenting her account with Delvey, “running a Conwoman PR for the Netflix series, starring Julia Garner as Delvey and Katie Lowes as Williams. I have. “

“Take it from someone you know: this is a scam art and a shell game that offers a fascinating thrill to low stakes, but the sleight of hand runs an invisible high roller business. Williams wrote in his essay Air mail.. “Netflix isn’t just telling a fictional story … and putting money in her pocket.”

Delbay not only responded to Williams’ claim, Being overwhelmed In “Red Table Talk” for “having trauma porn star Rachel” Karen in Chief “in the next trauma and healing episode.”

“Red Table Talk” will be streamed on Facebook Watch on Wednesday, May 11th at 9am (Pacific Standard Time) / 12pm (Eastern Time).

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Rachel Williams explains why she was attracted to Anna Delvey in a “red table talk”

Source link Rachel Williams explains why she was attracted to Anna Delvey in a “red table talk”

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