R + D KITCHEN BY WHITE SPOT will be announcing this spring at the wonderful BRENTWOOD, Canadian Business Journal.

Vancouver, British Columbia, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The chef’s process for making new and delicious dishes — menu research and development — is often not part of the restaurant guest experience.and R + D kitchen with white spotsA completely new concept to launch with Amazing Brentwood This spring, guests will first enjoy new and innovative menu items directly from the Whitespot culinary center.

“At Whitespot, we are very fortunate to have long-term, incredibly loyal support from generations of British Columbia citizens. We work hard to exceed their expectations. We’ve been doing it, staying true to 94 years of history, but always staying ahead of the curve, “says Whitespot. Warren Arhart.. “The R + D kitchen is the next evolution of the Whitespot heritage. Respecting the past and embracing the future.”

In the R + D kitchen, guests can delve into a rotating roster of exciting new dishes created by, as well as classic whitespot classics. James Kennedy CCC, Executive Chef A culinary team that can be included in the Whitespot’s core or promotional menus. Not limited to what’s already done, carefully curated “test” dishes explore contemporary elements, components, flavors and always offer delicious vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. includes. Before entering the R + D menu, all new dishes will be thoroughly scrutinized by WhiteSpot’s internal tasting panel.

“The R + D Kitchen explores more flavors, curates unique recipes, and incorporates fresh, local ingredients into a broad and engaging menu,” says CCC Executive Chef James Kennedy. .. “I am very excited about this new adventure.”

R + D Kitchen by White Spot features a full-service restaurant, lounge and bar. Not only will you experience the latest innovative cuisine, but you will also have the opportunity to see what the bar team is producing. The bar is always new, with special local craft beers, homemade cocktails, innovative non-alcoholic beverages and 100% BC VQA wines.

White spot design Joy Location, Head of Design and Construction In the case of white spots, the R + D kitchen brings the influence of BC’s backyard indoors with warm wood, stone and woodworking design elements, even from the large windows.Is the only full-service restaurant in tableAmazing Brentwood’s popular new food court, R + D kitchen windowServe shoppers who stop by for a quick and casual takeaway bite.

Fresh, high-quality, locally sourced ingredients are at the heart of everything R + D offers to its customers for daily lunch, dinner and happy hour service. Branches are available on weekends.

The drink menu includes local craft beer, local cider and BC wines carefully selected by the creative and creative bar team, as well as seasonally inspired cocktails and zero-proof reliments made with fresh ingredients. Includes vation. A rotating faucet and happy hour specials are also offered.

Recruitment fair
Interested in joining the Whitespot R + D Kitchen opening team? The Amazing Brentwood, 4567 Lougheed Hwy, in Willingdon, Burnaby, British Columbia, Tuesday, March 22nd, from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm.

For more information or to get the latest information on all the latest developments, please visit and follow @WhiteSpot_Restaurants on Instagram.

About R + D kitchen by white spot | The evolution of BC’s most iconic restaurant brand, R + D Kitchen by White Spot, respects the past and embraces the future. With the new concept opening in Amazing Brentwood in early May, guests will not only enjoy Whitespot favorites, but will also “research and develop” by trying out innovative and delicious new dishes that are considering future Whitespot menus. You can participate in the process. The full-service restaurant, lounge and bar have kitchen windows and serve takeaway shoppers at Brentwood’s popular new food court, the table. Amazing Brentwood, 4567 Lougheed Hwy. , Willingdon, Burnaby, BC |

About White Spot Hospitality Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, White Spot is Canada’s longest-running restaurant chain. When Nat Bailey launched Canada’s first drive-in restaurant at Granville and 67 in 1928, a 94-year-old young chain store had 128 white spots and triple oats (premium quick service restaurants) throughout British Columbia. We serve more than 17 million guests annually. Alberta, Ontario, Asia. Bailey’s original vision was to build a restaurant that offers the highest quality, unique-tasting food. Whitespot continues to work to continue this tradition with every meal. Whitespot Hospitality is proud to be awarded Platinum Status as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies and is one of Canada’s Top 150 Symbolic Brands Awarded by Interbrand Canada. Is one of BC’s most beloved brands recognized by Ipsos, which has been awarded a gold medal for franchise excellence by the Canadian Franchise Association. |


  • Amazing Brentwood R + D kitchen. Photo provider Stephanie Lee, Amazing Brentwood.
  • Amazing Brentwood R + D kitchen. Photo provider Stephanie Lee, Amazing Brentwood.

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R + D KITCHEN BY WHITE SPOT will be announcing this spring at the wonderful BRENTWOOD, Canadian Business Journal.

Source link R + D KITCHEN BY WHITE SPOT will be announcing this spring at the wonderful BRENTWOOD, Canadian Business Journal.

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