Quebec Healthcare Professionals Want COVID-19 Booster Shots-Montreal

Quebec healthcare professionals want to know why they can’t get a COVID-19 booster shot.

For several weeks, the state has given a third dose to certain populations, including people with weakened immunity and those who have been given Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), AstraZeneca, or the Covishield vaccine twice. I have provided it.

However, it does not include those who work at the forefront of COVID-19 patients.

“It’s strange because it’s clearly recognized worldwide that at least three doses are needed to maintain current levels of vaccine efficacy against current and new variants,” McGill University said. Dr. Dong Bin (MUHC), an infectious disease specialist at the Health Center, told Global News.

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Nathan Friedland, a nurse in the emergency room at Pointe-Claire’s Lakeshore General Hospital, said medical staff did not know what they were facing.

“A few weeks ago I triaged a man with hemoptysis,” he said. “He was traveling and was a young man. He claimed to have been vaccinated with a single vaccination.”

He said he suspected that the patient had been infected with COVID-19.

“I heard his chest with a stethoscope,” he said. “I don’t know what I was able to pick up from this guy.”

Other states are giving healthcare professionals a third shot.

On December 3, Canada’s National Advisory Board on Immunity found that booster immunization was important for some groups, including people over the age of 50 and all front-line healthcare professionals in direct contact with patients. I said there is.

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Quebec’s Minister of Health, Christan Dubé, also said that he would consider all recommendations and decide what to do in the future.

However, Vinh pointed out that even if the ministry now decides to offer them booster shots, it will take weeks to complete.

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“There are many health care workers throughout the state,” he said. “That is, they will have to open sites, supply vaccines to those sites, and make reservations.”

Now he and others are waiting to hear what the government has decided to do.

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Quebec Healthcare Professionals Want COVID-19 Booster Shots-Montreal

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