Pure Sunfarms and NOYA use Cookies flowers and genetics to bring C-brand concentrates to Canada. TheCanadianBusinessJournal

C Brand Concentrate Now Available in Ontario

This release has been updated. Earlier versions that referred to the C brand were mistakenly focused.

Delta, British Columbia, March 4, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today Village Farms International, Inc. Pure Sunfarms Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of (Nasdaq: VFF). (“Pure Sunfarms”), partner NOYA Cannabis Inc (“NOYA”) has launched a C-brand concentrate in Canada using Cookies Flowers and Genetics.

Pure Sunfarms has worked with the genetics of NOYA, Canada’s exclusive cultivation and processing partner for cookies, to grow and process cookie strains into cannabis concentrates. Initial offerings include GP20 diamonds, GP20 sources, Georgia P diamonds, and Georgia P sources currently available in Ontario.

Ziad Reda, CEO of NOYA, said: “We are excited to use NOYA’s genetics on sun-grown flowers to bring C-brand diamonds and sauces to market in beautiful British Columbia.”

“Partnering with NOYA to bring the very popular C brand products to Canada is another milestone for Canadian consumers. NOYA is a great cannabis brand and product, and We understand what it takes to be successful for consumers around the world, “said Mandesh Dosanjh, President and CEO of Pure Sunfarms. “Our common values ​​and quality commitment will help us work together to solidify our position to create the world’s number one cannabis platform here in Canada.”

Both NOYA and Pure Sunfarms maintain their leading positions in crafts and large-scale flower production throughout the country, respectively. They combine the highest quality cultivation and post-production processing methods to meet the high standards of cookies that consumers around the world have come to expect.

NOYA, the producer of premium white labels in Ontario, works with some of the world’s most famous cannabis brands, including Cookies, Gage, Lemonnade and Minntz. Pure Sunfarms, based in British Columbia, on the other hand, is the best-selling brand of dried flowers. Canadian product.

About cookies

Founded in 2010, Cookies is a very popular cannabis company in the world. Cookies value the power of plants and focus on creating game-changing genetics. The company offers over 70 unique cannabis stocks and a collection of over 2,000 products. Cookies are also actively working to enrich communities affected by the war on drugs through advocacy and social equality initiatives. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company opened its first retail store in Los Angeles in 2018 and has since expanded to more than 40 retail stores in 17 markets in four countries.

About pure sun farm

Located in Delta, British Columbia, Pure Sunfarms is Canada’s largest single site and one of the licensed producers of high quality greenhouse-grown cannabis. With decades of growth experience and 1.65 million square feet of best-in-class greenhouse business, the company has the capacity to produce 112,500 kilograms of dried flowers annually for the Canadian recreation market. Pure Sunfarms is Canada’s best-selling dried flower brand.

Current supply contracts include Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCRC) (operated as Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS)), BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB), Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC), Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority ( SLGA), and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation. Pure Sunfarms also supplies cannabis to other licensed producers in Canada, including its Quebec affiliate ROSE Life Science.

Pure Sunfarms is currently remodeling a second greenhouse for cannabis production. When this is completed, the annual production capacity is expected to be 150,000 kilograms. The company also has options for additional greenhouse facilities currently owned and operated by Village Farms, which could increase total production area by an additional approximately 2.6 million square feet.

Pure Sunfarms is Village Farms International, Inc. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of (Nasdaq: VFF).

About NOYA

Founded in 2014 in Hamilton, Ontario, NOYA Cannabis Inc. is a licensed producer under the Cannabis Control Law. The company obtained a cultivation license in 2017 and a sales license in 2018. The company has established itself as a premium white label producer and works with the world’s most acclaimed cannabis brands. The company’s mission is to distribute and grow premium craft cannabis to meet the needs of the market.

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Pure Sunfarms and NOYA use Cookies flowers and genetics to bring C-brand concentrates to Canada. TheCanadianBusinessJournal

Source link Pure Sunfarms and NOYA use Cookies flowers and genetics to bring C-brand concentrates to Canada. TheCanadianBusinessJournal

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