PSG hires Gartier as a new coach after dismissing Pochettino

Paris (AP) — After Mauricio Pochettino was fired on Tuesday, Christophe Galtier became the seventh coach of Paris Saint-Germain with Qatar-backed 11-year ownership.

PSG President Nasser Alkeraifi introduced Gartier to the media at a press conference, stating that “we have a new era, a new atmosphere and a new purpose.”

Gartier said he felt “emotional” and “pride” in taking charge of the two-year contract.

“We must work the right way to make people happy,” Gartier said. “I’m ready. If I accept this job and this responsibility, it’s because I can do it.”

Gartier said there would be no benefit to star players who have long been perceived to be overly content with PSG.

“Commitment, respect, and above all the team. Unfortunately, when players leave it, they will be excluded,” Gartier said. “One player never goes beyond what the team should be. I’m a very demanding coach.”

Gartier wanted a smaller team, but wanted Neymar, who was vulnerable to injury. PSG also boasts Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe.

“We need to balance on the side, but we have a very accurate idea of ​​what we expect from Neymar. Of course, we want Neymar to stay. It’s better to have world-class players. “

Alkeraifie, who had long been seen as too close to a star player, also demanded an improvement in mentality.

“No one is on the club,” he said. “If the player doesn’t want to respect the right rules, he has no place here.”

Al Kelaifi said he did not approach Real Madrid’s former coach Zinedine Zidane.

“We never talked to Zidane,” he said. “Christoph was our number one choice from the beginning.”

Pochettino had one year left on his contract. He followed Thomas Tuchel, Unai Emery and Laurent Blanc, who were dismissed by PSG since 2016.

Pochettino won the French League, but eventually paid the club’s humiliating exit from the Champions League to Real Madrid in the 16th round. PSG led a total of 2-0, scoring 3 goals within 20 minutes.

Gartier led Lille to the French title in 2021 and joined Nice last season, finishing fifth, but knocking out PSG from the French Cup. Nice drew with PSG in the league last season and won. Nice didn’t recognize the goal, and Gartier’s keen tactical flair stood out.

When he led Lille to the 2021 title, his side pulled home at PSG and won again without recognizing the goal. Gartier has figured out a way to keep out the PSG’s attacking fleets of Mbappe, Neymar, Angel Di Maria and Messi.

55-year-old Gartier played two spells as a Journeyman defender in Marseille, where he was born. His career ended in 1998 in the ambiguity of the Italian club Monza.

He improved the fate of Saint-Etienne when he coached there and won the League Cup in 2013. This year he was named the best coach of the French League with Carlo Ancelotti of PSG.

Ancelotti was the only undismissed coach and left for Real Madrid in 2013 as cash-rich Qatar investor QSI took over in June 2011. At the top.

Pochettino’s mix record

Former PSG defender Pochettino took command in January 2021 after Tuchel was fired.

After reaching the Champions League semi-finals in 2021, PSG lost the league to Gartier Lille. Oddly enough, Pochettino’s contract was probably extended by one year to 2023.

Despite PSG regaining the French title last season, the performance was surprisingly poor along the way, and Kylian Mbappe’s outstanding form covered the obvious cracks.

These weaknesses were mercilessly revealed by Madrid in the last 16 Champions League comebacks.

The lack of calmness of PSG under pressure was a familiar flaw, and Pochettino did not fix it.

In 2017, PSG lost to Barcelona 6-1 after winning 4-0 at home, and two years later, the injured Manchester United won 3-1 when injured in Paris.

Fire when hired

Like Pochettino, Bran signed a new deal before being shown the door, exposing PSG’s impatience and apparent indifference to the large reward package.

Pochettino and his staff reportedly received about 10 million euros ($ 10.6 million).

Negotiations with Pochettino were prolonged, but he was expected to be replaced for weeks.

Last month, PSG President Nasser Al-Kelaifi said former Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane was not approached for the job.

“We have never spoken to him, either directly or indirectly,” Al Kelaifi said in an interview with Le Parisien.

The collapse against Madrid prompted the first introspective overhaul of PSG under the control of QSI. Sporting director Leonardo gives way to renowned scout Luis Campos and consults with some of the former prominent PSG players.

Alkeraifi demanded an improvement in spirituality.

“I want a player who loves the club and wants to fight,” Al Kelaifi told Le Parisien. “We want a player who gives everything for the shirt, and then we will see. We must be humble.”

The carefully selected slogan of “Dream Bigger” and the lustrous image tracking of a serious club boasting future glory were a startling conflict of repeated Champions League failures.

“I have to stop saying,’I’m going to win this, I’m going to win,'” said Alkeraifi. “Excludes players who want to stay in their comfort zone and don’t want to fight. We need to create a real team and team spirit.”

So is your future life finally over?

“Dreaming is one thing, reality is another. Perhaps we should change our slogan, Dream Bigger,” Alkeraifie said. “I don’t want to be flashy and glitter. I have to ask myself how I can improve it.”

PSG hires Gartier as a new coach after dismissing Pochettino

Source link PSG hires Gartier as a new coach after dismissing Pochettino

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