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Providing Respite Care for Indigenous Children and Youth, Canadian Business Journal

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vancouver Aboriginal Children and Families Services as the second National Day for Truth and Reconciliation approaches on September 30, 2022 The Association (VACFSS) is calling on First Nations. , Metis, and Greater Vancouver Inuit communities support the families involved in this agency by providing respite care to Indigenous children and youth.

Respite care providers provide temporary care for children whose biological families need time off from day-to-day parenting responsibilities. VACFSS supports families with respite care as part of a restorative practice approach to address the intergenerational trauma of boarding school heritage.

“Respite care definitely reduces the risk of children coming into foster care by giving parents a much-needed break as part of their healing journey,” says VACFSS Resource Manager Gavin O’Toole.

For thousands of years, indigenous communities have successfully used traditional systems of care to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. Indigenous peoples have endured the devastating effects of colonization, yet they continue to be marginalized by the colonial system, laws and policies.

VACFSS is committed to the care of children by members of indigenous communities in order to promote their identity and belonging. Respite care providers work comprehensively with the child’s biological family and community. Caregivers connect children with indigenous communities and cultures, enable children to learn about their own history and related cultural practices, and maintain family and community ties, thereby helping children develop Strengthen indigenous identities.

In compliance with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Five Calls to Action for Child Welfare, VACFSS has implemented recovery practices while fulfilling its child welfare obligations. CFCSAMoreExamples include Respite Care, Inclusive Foster Care Policy, Concrete Needs Support Policy, and Out of Care Option Programs.

To learn more about Inclusive Caregiving, visit the VACFSS website here or email to register for an informative session. [email protected].

About VACFSS: Founded in 1992, VACFSS is a leader in providing culturally-based, restorative family services to Indigenous families living in urban Vancouver. We strive to strengthen the families we serve culturally and spiritually, and our practices are guided by policies and research conducted in collaboration with the communities we work with. .

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Providing Respite Care for Indigenous Children and Youth, Canadian Business Journal

Source link Providing Respite Care for Indigenous Children and Youth, Canadian Business Journal

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