Private equity companies increase investment in Amynta Group

Rob Giammarco, Chairman and CEO of Amynta, said: “The increased investment from MDP promotes our ability to drive the continued expansion of our business. We are very grateful to AmTrust for its strong support and value-added partnerships since the establishment of Amynta. We look forward to building successful commerce relationships and providing strong capabilities to the market. “

Founded in 2018, Amynta is one of the largest underwriting managers in the United States, with administrative premiums in excess of US $ 3.5 billion and total net revenue of approximately US $ 600 million. Amynta has 32 offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Vahe Dombalagian, Managing Director and Co-Head of MDP’s Financial and Trading Services Team, said:

“Since then, Amynta has taken a remarkable growth trajectory through organic investment in underwriting and new business development and strategic acquisitions to create large-scale value propositions for carriers, customers and partners. AmTrust is a great partner in building a business and we appreciate Amynta’s unwavering support over the years. “

Barry Zyskind, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Amtrust Financial Services, said: “We have great respect for the underwriting excellence that Amynta brings to the market, and we are pleased to have many growth opportunities in the future and to continue our strong commercial partnership.

“Amynta is a very successful investment for AmTrust, and the sale of our shares creates the opportunity to reinvest in our continued growth and take advantage of many attractive underwriting opportunities in the market.”

Private equity companies increase investment in Amynta Group

Source link Private equity companies increase investment in Amynta Group

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