Priscilla Presley says the new Elvis biography “tears”

“Austin Butler, who plays Elvis, is amazing.”

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Priscilla Presley publishes the following biography based on the relationship between her late ex-husband Elvis Presley and her manager, Colonel Parker.

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Prisila, 76, praised the film. Elvis, In a recent Instagram post, wrote: But the words she heard from her daughter (Lisa Marie Presley) were how much she loved the movie, and her (daughter) Riley (Keough) also saw it weeping. I will love you. “

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She added, “I relived every moment of the film,” Prisila continued. Like Lisa, it took a few days to overcome her emotions. “

She also praised the film’s creative team, including director Baz Luhrmann and actors Austin Butler (playing Elvis), Tom Hanks (Parker), and Olivia Dejon (actress who plays her). “Beautiful Buzz, Tom, Austin, Olivia,” writes Prisila.

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“This story is about the relationship between Elvis and Colonel Parker,” Prisila explained in another Facebook post after watching the movie last month. “It’s a wonderfully and creatively told true story that only Buzz could do it in his unique artistic way … Austin Butler, who played Elvis, stands out.”

In addition to exploring the 20-year partnership between Elvis and Parker, the film illustrates Presley’s fame and the rise of unprecedented stardom.

“As we all know, this story has no happy ending,” Prisila wrote. “But I hope you’ll understand a little more about Elvis’ journey, written by the director who spent hours with his heart and soul in this film.”

Priscilla, who married Elvis from 1967 to 1973, met a singer who died at the age of 14 and 24. She married in her early twenties and welcomed her daughter Lisa Marie Presley in 1968.

Elvis It will open in the theater on June 24th.


Priscilla Presley says the new Elvis biography “tears”

Source link Priscilla Presley says the new Elvis biography “tears”

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