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Princess Diana’s Revenge Dress in ‘The Crown’: What You Need to Know About the Real Moment

To Rachel McRady‍, ETOnline.com.

Decades before Taylor Swift sang, “She’s been dressing up for revenge these days,” Princess Diana coined the phrase “revenge dress” in 1994 with one eye-opening look. rice field. Her memorable appearance is recreated in Season 5 of ‘The Crown’ and has already been featured in the show’s trailer. But how did the iconic fashion moment happen in real life?

The late Princess of Wales, then 33, was publicly separated from her husband, Prince Charles. The couple separated in 1992, but it wasn’t until two years later that the heir to the British throne gave an ITN interview with Jonathan Dimbleby, in which he confessed that he had been unfaithful to her during their marriage. did.

Dimbleby asked if Charles tried to be loyal to Diana when they got married.

The moment marked the first time a royal confessed to infidelity and put the spotlight on then-girlfriend Camilla Parker-Bowles.

On the day his shocking interview was broadcast to a national audience, Diana attended a gala at London’s Serpentine Gallery and wore one of her most memorable looks ever. I was.

Princess Diana (1961 – 1997) arrives at London’s Serpentine Galleries in a Christina Stamborian gown in June 1994. – Photo: Jane Fincher/Getty Images

Christina Stamborian’s off-the-shoulder black mini dress, with its striking sweetheart neckline, showed off her stunning royal legs and hourglass figure, and was quickly dubbed the “revenge dress.”

Fans of “The Crown” have already seen actress Elizabeth Debicki replace Emma Corrin as Diana in the season 5 trailer wearing the Netflix show’s version of the iconic look.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl previously told ET that the revenge dress look was “one of the most memorable moments” in the trailer.

She calls the Revenge dress “one of the most famous and iconic dresses.” [Diana] Nicole said Diana had a look that was “specially commissioned by the designer” and was “saved” at the right moment to “pull it out and show Charles exactly what he was missing.” ” he pointed out.

“Diana was a great style icon. She loved fashion. It was known as the Revenge Dress, and it really made a big impact. I can do it.

In fact, according to designer Stamborian, Diana wasn’t even supposed to wear a dress that night. “Princess Diana was very offended” when the announcement was made prematurely, Stamborian said.

Since the Royals were considered “funerals,” wearing black was never encouraged, so Diana’s decision to wear this particular dress at this particular moment was touching.

“It becomes very symbolic for the moment she chooses to wear it. “The Crown’s associate costume designer and head buyer, Sidney Roberts, recently shared the look.”, calling it “the ultimate little black dress.” increase.

As for actress Debicki, recently, british vogue“When people knew I was going to play this role, this was the dress that everyone was emailing me. rice field.”

‘The Crown’ Season 5 premieres on Netflix on November 9th.

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Princess Diana’s Revenge Dress in ‘The Crown’: What You Need to Know About the Real Moment

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