Prince Harry had “significant” tensions with the Queen’s private secretary, Court Document State.

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Prince Harry claimed in court documents that he was unaware that members of the royal family were involved in the decision to strip his permanent security team.

In February 2020, the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royals and Public Persons (known as Ravec) established Harry, his wife Megan Markle, and their children Archie (3) and Liribet (1). Confirmed that they would not be automatically protected by police during their visit UK

Harry, who filed a request in January requesting a judicial review of the Interior Ministry’s decision not to allow personal payments for police protection, previously said he wanted to go home, but without safety. I said it was too dangerous.

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At a court hearing on Thursday, Harry and his team argued that they should have known that some of the Queen’s aides were involved in the decision. Independent report.

According to the treatise, legal documents suggested that there was a “significant” tension between Harry and Sir Edward Young, the Queen’s private secretary.

Shaheed Fatima QC told the court on Thursday on behalf of Harry:

“If there was a fair process, Ravec would have reached or could have reached another decision … The royal role as an equal partner in the process was inappropriate.”

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Sir James Eddie, QC, on behalf of the Home Office, told the court: [Prince Harry] He knew that his security status would be reviewed based on whether he would continue to offer automatically as he would no longer be an active royal family. That was enough to say what he wanted to say about it.

“No one said,’I’m not going to be secure.’ The question was, by what criteria would it be flexible or automated?”

Sir James claimed that Labeck changed Harry’s safety from permanent to “case by case.” He does not attend official appointments and instead becomes primarily a “citizen living abroad”.

He pointed out that despite Harry’s public figure status, he would no longer attend events in Britain “on behalf of the Queen”.

Harry’s lawyer told the hearing that he had offered to cover the cost of police protection, but Labek refused in January.

Sir James argued that “there is nothing illegal about the subsequent decision that individuals should not be allowed to simply demand security through payments to police.”

“I haven’t made a decision on where the claim will succeed or fail. I’m deciding if it’s controversial,” Judge Swift told the court.

Prince Harry had “significant” tensions with the Queen’s private secretary, Court Document State.

Source link Prince Harry had “significant” tensions with the Queen’s private secretary, Court Document State.

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