Prince Charles shuts out questions about Prince Andrew

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Prince Charles has chosen not to speak out about the current controversy surrounding Prince Andrew.

Earlier this week, Andrew was his Royal patronage and military affiliation related to allegations of sexual assault made against him.

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in the meantime A Sky News reporter who set foot in Aberdeenshire asked Charles to comment on the situation surrounding his brother.

“May I hear your views on the position of Your Highness, Prince Andrew, your brother?” He asked. “What do you think?”

Charles ignored the question and responded.

Buckingham Palace issued a statement on Thursday. “With the Queen’s approval and agreement, the Duke of York’s army and royal patronage have been returned to the Queen.

“The Duke of York continues to take on public affairs and defends the proceeding as a civilian.”

Roles are redistributed to other members of the royal family.

This statement is issued after more than 150 veterans have argued in an open letter sent to the Queen that Andrew should be stripped of his honorary military role.

The letter says: “We are writing to you as a former member of the Royal Navy. We are all proud to have served and done so in our country. That is why Prince Andrew is a member of the army. We are particularly angry and angry at continuing to retain military titles, positions and ranks, including the Royal Navy’s Deputy Admiral.

Andrew will also not be allowed to use his style “His Highness” (HRH) in an official position, palace sources confirmed.

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The steps to be taken against Andrew were “widely debated among the royal family” as he was preparing for the trial.

Prince Charles shuts out questions about Prince Andrew

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