Prince Charles, Newfoundland Camilla launches Canada tour

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Prince Charles and the Duchess of Camilla arrived in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador on Tuesday and began a three-day Canadian tour that included stops in Ottawa and the Northwest Territories.

The royal couple’s itinerary in Newfoundland includes a welcome ceremony in the state legislature between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Governor Mary Simon, followed by a visit to Lieutenant Gob’s official residence, the Government House. Judy Foot, the representative of the Queen of the State.

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Outside the residence, participate in a prayer for reconciliation with indigenous leaders at the Heart Garden, built to honor indigenous children who attended state housing schools.

Earlier that day, Trudeau said the reconciliation would form part of the discussion Charles and Camilla had during their visit. But when the Prime Minister was asked if she thought she should apologize for the heritage of the housing school, she avoided answering.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets Prince Charles and the Duchess of Camilla as they arrive in St. John’s and begin their three-day Canadian tour on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.
— Paul Chiasson / Canadian Press

“Reconciliation has been a fundamental priority of this government since we were elected, and there are many things we all need to work on together,” he said. “But we know it’s not just for governments and indigenous peoples. It’s that everyone is playing their part, and it certainly reflects what everyone has. I am. “

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Cassidy Caron, chairman of the Metis National Council, said he would seek an apology from the Prince and the Duchess at a reception at Rideau Hall in Ottawa on Wednesday.

Caron said she was the head of state of Canada and the leader of the Anglican Church, so the survivors of the housing school told her that an apology from the Queen was important.

Earlier this year, Pope Francis apologized for the role of the Catholic Church in the housing school when indigenous leaders and survivors of the housing school visited the Vatican. He will travel to Canada this summer to apologize for him.

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The four leaders of the Newfoundland and Labrador indigenous groups were expected to attend a prayer ceremony at the residence of the Vice Governor of St. John’s. Elderly people and survivors of housing schools were also invited to participate in smudging ceremonies, music performances, land approvals and silence.

Charles and Camilla then visit Quidividi, a former fishing community on the eastern tip of St. John’s.

Britain first established a colony in Newfoundland in 1610, joined Canada with Labrador in 1949, and remained under British control until the state of Newfoundland. The 2001 constitutional amendment gave the state its current name.

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Prince Charles, Newfoundland Camilla launches Canada tour

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